do you really want to start over again

in the aftermath of last nights game,it seems that all people want is change...again. are you really sure that this is what you want?why wouldn't you give up on this season and just let them have the rest of the season to see what works. does any of this debacle fall on the manager? if you were only going to get 1 win by half point of the season and be on pace for maybe 3 wins, doesn't that make you think back to the good old days (last season) when the team
actually won a couple more games with all of those players that marcel released? look at those guys now-
deemed not good enough to play in steeltown by the grand wizard, but good enough to start for the best team in the league. change for the sake of change
right marcel? you've dug quite the hole for the crew you smartly put together. a hole maybe too deep to get yourselves out of.its too bad the ego got in the way when you tore this team apart.

have a nice day, CITY LEGEND

its not about winning or losing, its about heart. This team doesnt have it.

I have seen many teams have disaster seasons, yet still play harder and look better and at least show something to give hope for next yr. There was NOTHING in last nights game. To a man, and to a coach, they were all beat, over and over again. Even if they had somehow won, by flukey turnovers or whatever, I would still think the same about the team.

Doesn't have heart my foot!! The same was said last year and then Mr. Desjardin decided to cut and slash the team. Maybe Desjardin should be cut and a real GM take over. He sure has made some crazy trades and cuts!!!

Regardless of Whatever GM or coach issues there may be, or maybe because of those issues, this team still has zero heart.

Good post and responses, guys.

The key word there is TEAM. I see a lot of heart from individual players on and off the field but no sense of heart as a team. Team heart is putting together a TD drive immediately after you get scored on. Team heart is making a big stop after you turnover the ball in your own end. Team heart is punishing your opponent on the scoreboard when a bad call is made against you. Right now when things don't go our way the Cats can't respond (in fact they seem to play worse) and that is not something that can be fixed by bringing in new players all the time. It takes time to develop team heart. Unfortunately time is running out on this season but if we re-build every year then we will go through these same growing pains every year.

...wait a second. Who ever said it's not about winning or losing?
I pay to watch my team play hard (Heart!) to win......being at the end of continual losing seasons is deplorable. I'm tired of attending every Grey Cup only to watch 2 teams that really mean nothing to me.....but it's still great atmosphere which I believe everyone should experiance at least once.
...but I digress. If you don't think it's about winning then I'd suggest you watch a Tim Bit league. :cowboy:

To answer this question...NO.

This team can't afford to be gutted again.

Tinker yes. Start over...NO.