Do you like the 2008 schedule?

What does everybody think of the schedule?

Too many Thursday games?

Late start on Labour day?

Let everyone know.

I personally like the Thursday games in the summer. If you want to get away, you don't have to worry about going to a game or trying to catch it on tv.

I like the late start on labour day because it takes me back to when I was a kid. It just summed up the summer and you knew the next day was skool. The 1 o'clock game gave me sunburn last year. I hate the the west game is on before us. It's tradition.

I like the mix of the teams we play at the beginning of the year too. The last 2 years, we finished off the season with the west. The games mean more at the end of the year and we should play the east more!

I don't hate it but I am not thrilled by it Ether.

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If I can figure out a way to make the 3 Saturday @ 4pm games it might be ok.

The Thursday and Friday night games are fine.

The Labour day game will be great if lots of fans show up in the afternoon for tailgating.

I think it is different from what we have seen in the past.

Thursday home games will be different but in the summer time they are great. You don't have to worry if you want to go away for the weekend.

I honestly prefer Friday home games at 7:30.

The problem for me with 7 pm games is that I work in Brantford, and if I leave at 5 pm, I hit a tonne of traffic.

As for the overall schedule, we only have one back to back, so that's a plus.

Definitely! A home game every other week is perfect!

Last year we had a game on Aug 3rd and didn't play at home until labour day! People can lose interest if there is no buzz around the team cuz they are never at home!

I was referring to the back to back with Montreal late in the season, but yes, the home and away games are nicely balanced as well.

Back to Back games are okay if both teams are competitive and in the hunt.

The Argos complained that they didn't want a home and home with Hamilton anymore, like they have done at least the last 2 years with labour day and the week after, because they didn't feel that the rivalry was there anymore and that Hamilton hasn't been that good to warrant this.

We get Toronto 3 times plus a pre-season, same with Winnipeg, and we get Montreal 4 times this year. And we get each western team twice, so no problems here.

We have always had to play the western teams twice but my problem has been that at the end of the season, we finished off the last 2 or 3 games against the west. I would rather us play the east.

I rather get West game out Way before Fall.
We all Saw what it was like to play late games in west. Alot wind and Rain. Yuck.

Like I said on the other post, I like the schedule. I would prefer that the Saturday games were actual night games instead of late afternoon, but no big deal.

The longest we have to go without a home game is from October 4 to October 19.

If the cats are in the playoff race this will not be a problem.

The more I look at it, the more I think they did an overall good job with this years schedule. They definately put a lot more thought into this schedule than they did in the last few.

I like it - afternoon games good for the kids, Thursday games in Summer don't cut into cottage time, late start labour day for the same reason. Nice balanced schedule with good spacing. Good job.

The sched alone makes my season tix a better investment this year - fewer games where I have to make a decision about doing something else and going to the game.

I wouldn't say Thursday's are awesome, but a couple now and then aren't bad.

Though I'm a school teacher so during the summer they could have a game any day of the week and I'd come.

I'm just glad the schedule's out and I can start thinking about what I'm going to cook this year!


The Labour Day game starts at 7:00. Great !

The sun and heat have been insufferable in recent years.

i'd rather bake in the sun then be home at 11:30-12

I work out-of-town (Kingston or Ottawa), so Thursday night games are no-goes for me. Good thing I didn’t fork out an extra $175 per ticket this year…

The late Labour-Day Classic is awesome - we’ll get to do some GREAT tailgating (kinda hard to cook a lamb on a spit for a 1:00 or 4:00 start…)

It's gonna be impossible for me to see the Thursday games as i don't finish work till an hour after the games start.

Do you like the 2008 schedule?

[b]What, NO

Back to Back TiCats - Argo games[/b]

SHESH :thdn:

Pick 4, on the poll :rockin: