Do you like Anthony Calvillo?

Personnaly I'm starting to get bored of this guy and I want to see some new faces at quarterback. Yes he is the all time leading Als passer but i feel whe should start exploring new quarterbacking possibilities next season. I guess we will only know for sure who is the best QB in training camp but, I hope Popp doesnt take Calvillo instead of someone else simply because he's the veteran.

I think Calvillo should use RObert Edwards more this year…he is a very good running back… keep Calvillo if he uses Edwards…

Oups I had another option in the poll but it didnt work. Ok my other option was that No, you dont like Calvillo and he should start thinking about retiring.

I fixed it for ya.......The bill is in the mail!

Given the sad fact that we didn't even TRY to interview Chapdelaine or Buratto, Bellefeuille had better do everything he can to maximize Calvillo's productivity this year. I think A.C. can regain his dominant form if he improves his throwing mechanics, lets the bench call the bulk of the plays, and if the OC devises imaginative, unpredictable plays and formations for him to run. If I see Calvillo running the same old predictable draw play / quick out / hitch pass combos, it's going to be a long season.

Well, Popp has already hinted that most of the plays will be called in from the bench. I believe that they will make a stronger comitment to the run this year which is why they are looking for another back to complement Edwards. A more elusive one that can break a 40 or 50 yard run once and a while. I would not be surprised to see a situation where Cavillo helps in the development as Palmer as the future QB. Much like Ham did when AC came here in 98.


A chocker? What the heck is a chocker?
The Als had a relatively crap year. In 2007, I predict the league will be a lot more competitive. While it appears Calvillo is coming to the end of his tenure, I still think he should be at the helm this year.

He reminds me of Bledsoe with a little more mobility. Bledsoe was a winner in New England, but realistically he couldn't win the big game. We needed Brady. I think the Al's are faced with the same exact situation. It took an injury to figure this out, what is it going to take for the Al's to do the same thing. He has enough talent around him to win and has stunk it up in the Grey Cup. The Al's need a some fresh blood @ the QB position.

I dont agree Peter!
Actually AC threw for more yards than DD did.

Football is a team sport and they choked as a team! I dont think you can put all the blame on AC

I think Ro1313 is right. Yes, AC threw a lot of bad balls but, the defence gave a huge cussion and DD was constantly gaining big yardage on the ground, something he rarely does.

I don't know, man. The offense was absolutely atrocious in the first half, the D was on the field for most of it, and yet BC was only putting up field goals for the most part. You can't really blame the D for the fact that, as it was the whole frickin year, the offense only woke up in the fourth quarter. AND turned the ball over at BC's goal line.

I'm not saying our D can't improve, because it can, but Calvillo was not clutch for us when we needed him.

Calvillo needs more then 2 seconds in the pocket to make a pass. Just like most QBs. The only thing AC was missing this year, was his confidence. Would you guys be confident if you got sacked on average 4 times a game, and also when you do make a nice pass, your receivers drop it?

I guess i just don't like the idea of passing all the time. If AC is calling the plays he has to get Robert Edwards more touches. Don't get me wrong I still think that AC is good, but he chocked in Grey Cup the past 2 years. This should concern all Al's fans. He seems like he gets worn down by the end of the season.

One thing i realized that if your QB is not getting the job done in the CFL you whole offense is nonexistent. In the NFL you can get away with an average QB and win it all. Look at the Steelers, Ravens, and Buccaneers. I hope they bring in a good number 2 QB, and use there QB position like the BC Lions.

In his defense, he outside of Cahoon, and Watkins he doesn't have many weapons.

With the acquisition of Keith Stokes, that adds another weapon. Stokes can be used on WR Reverses, hitch passes, WR Screens etc. Now there is a reason to through to the sidelines.

I concider Dave Stala a threat. Although you can't make excuses, I do believe if he hadn't been playing injured, he'd have a better season.

Terrence Edwards made a few mistakes, but still has good hands.

I also liked what I saw from Chris Davis, in those 1 or 2 games he played.

If Calvillo regains his confidence, and the O-Line get's back to the usual line, and our Receivers go to rehab for their bad habbit of dropping balls, WATCH OUT! This will be the Offence that scores 40+ points plus and scoring on the first drive.

I know it!

I disagree. The O-line struggled at times this year, but Calvillo had some pretty noticeable problems with his mechanics (caused initially by the change of balls, I believe, and he never really recovered). He was underthrowing and overthrowing wide-open receivers all year long even when he did have time in the pocket. His playcalling was also questionable. He never ran the ball enough and was constantly calling the same batch of tired plays: hitch passes in the flat, quick outs to the sidelines, draws up the middle, etc. It got severely predictable. Strasser, of course, rightly took most of the heat for this and lost his job as a result, but we all know they had more plays in the playbook that Calvillo just was not using often enough, so he has to take responsibility as well. If you're going to give Calvillo credit when we win, you've got to give him his fair share of blame when we lose. I'm not saying we should trade him, but he's got to perform better in the clutch next season.

I agree with you. Calvillo did underthrow and over throw quite often this season. But I feel the main reasons is the pass block.

For instance, in 2005, Calvillo was sacked 33 times. As a team, Montreal attempted 691 passes and the QBs were rushed 214 times. 31%.

This year, Calvillo was sacked 39 times. Montreal, attempted 665 passes, and the QB was rushed 346 times! Thats 53% of the time.

Also, Calvillo's stats do look a little different compared to last year.


66.1% Completion
34 TDs
19 Ints
5,556 yards
97.4 rating


62.8% Completion
21 TDs
15 Ints
4, 714 Yards
85.8 Rating.

Some differences, like Rating and TDs, but Calvillo who attempted more passes this season, had less INTs.

Maybe to some of you these stats don't mean anything, but to me they do.

We're all entitled to our own opinion, and while Calvillo was at fault to some of the criteria of the Offence's crappy year, I blame mostly the players around him.

One thing that i noticed was that Calvillo sometimes was leaving the pocket way too early when he didnt even need to.

8) :lol: I just love to watch him play, he is superb!By the way I still have our picture taken

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I recently met a very important member of the BC Lions
and asked him if the prospect of playing against AC in the Grey Cup was scary. He laughed. He told me BC was sure they would win and why do you think they have beaten us 8 of the last 9 times-- no problem handling AC. He seems like a nice guy, but he should be playing QB elsewhere.