Do you Lancaster Knew .when ?

Watching Dmac and Ronnie on the Sidelines after the Riders lost to Calgary

Do think Ronnie Knew and told Danny ..

I be back in Coaching on Monday


The ball started rolling after last game’s defeat.
Sportsnet knew something, Armitage heard something.

The ball started rolling last year when Katz came in and picked up speed when Joe PaoPao was hired as OC.

The unimaginative offence of the first 3 games sealed PaoPao's fate of stepping in to take over the HC position!

Lancaster will do a good job and he will be listened to!

I think there might be some truth in what Onknight said. When Lancaster was being interviewed the other night and was asked if he would step into the breach if Marshall were to be dismissed, I found his answer rather evasive. I got the very distinct impression that his coaching again had been discussed at a level far above the "what if" scenerio. I kine of dismissed it as something that might happen at midseason. Wrong.

No one in upper management with the Cats wants to be known as the franchise who reintroduced football to Hamiltonians but couldn't put a winning product on the field in front of a full house.


All organizations of any business type have quality people who can step in for one another. I think everyone in the office is hurt that they had to let a dedicated man go. Bringing in Joe was just adding quality people. Putting Ronnie back at the helm is sending a message to everyone. If it happens to Greg, it will happen to anyone that does not perform. The coaching (staff) performance for the Als game was poor. The subsequent results were not what anybody wanted but what everyone knew to be necessary. This is pro sports, and the Cats team is acting as such.

Agree with Woody ; the ball got rolling when Katz hired Pao Pao. Cats had to make a change sooner rather than later least to show the fans that the organization was doing something and wasn't going to wait until they went 0 and 8.... Marshall may have seen the writing on the wall in the off season when Pao Pao was brought in and Greg negotiated for an extra year on his contract....good luck Coach Marshall