do you know what really ticks me off ?

We could have had great looking season tickets and had the same losing season.

Hind sight is 20/20 ,but if I had a choice , I would have spent Bobs money on the tickets.

Do you know what really ticks me off? see above. :roll:

agreed, look up ^^

so what you're saying is that the money WAS well spent on players rather than on fancy season tickets?

Interesting. Not sure I agree but interesting.

On several occassions this year I was tempted to post a cynical "in hindsight" post about the crappy tickets, but never found the right opportunity - now you beat me to it.

I guess all my whining about the lack of keepsake value in our crappy tickets was pretty misguided - this is one season I really don't want me or my kids to remember.

I have dial up and it takes me a while to load threads....anyways...Cashway has a sale this week on floating floor for 79 cents a square foot. Now it might have been worth your time to open this thread