Do You know what im gunna miss the most

Im going to miss Hitchcock whether we are down by 40 vice versa or in a close game you knew even when things were bad that he was gunna lay the hammer down and You never seen teams try to expose the middle of the field half as much and those that did were shoveling there recievers off the field Milt Stegal knows what im talkin about

Im gonna miss Mike going over the middle, making the play and taking the big hit... fighting for extra yards and getting the first down.

We are missing that type of receiver right now.

I agree Mike's a class act i honestly think we couldve used those to this year even in a mentor type roll and Mike can read plays as good as the qb so he could read if our qb was in trouble and respond accordingly and with our weak O line that would help alot

I agree as well, both could be helping the team a ton right now.
The problem is way deeper than just Rob and Mike........Hitch's comments touched on it a bit and I for one think he was spot on too!!!

Heck even Greg Marshall has hinted at it too....this whole organization is a MESS from TOP to bottom!!!!!!
But things will keep on as they are till people stop blabbing about Maas vs Chang and the odd " cut this guy....blaa blaa blaa ...." and look behind the scenes for the real problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's goning to get worse people.........its gonna get a lot worse!!!!!!!

Again, MORE BS !

Okay, let's say Hitch and MM COULD HAVE played ONE MORE Season ... THEN WHAT ??

They would be on the field saying this, and saying that. Hitch would "lay the hammer down" a couple times. Mike would "make a stab, and take a hit" a few times this season and THEN WHAT !??

Then NEXT Season ... the same leadership and experience would BE MISSING, and REQUIRE Replacing ... by WHO ? Well, I suggest the team is LOOKING NOW for those players who WILL GROW into those Leadership Roles.

It is HIGH TIME the fans around this place get their puny little heads around the CONCEPT of "CHANGE of DIRECTION !!" ...

Efforts are BEING MADE ... while it may be COMFORTING for SOME to look BACK and feel good about all those GLORIOUS days gone by ... it does NOTHING about IMPROVING the FUTURE ... those days are OVER, GONE, DONE ... PERIOD!! ... time to MOVE ON, already.


Why must you persist in insulting people? Just because many fans will miss the contributions of long-time former players, or because they see problems with current directions, is no reason to castigate them for having "puny little heads".

I happen to agree with you that the team needed to move in new directions with younger players, but I respect the older players and the views of other fans who support them.

You end you posts with "Peace", but only after offering anything but that in these diatribes. You know enough about football not to need to be unkind to others.

I started this topic just so people can reflect on the careers of Both Mike and Hitch and share what they miss about them and NO we don't just look back at the glory days but it is pretty apparent why fans our displeased with the decision to cut Hitch and Mike..

  1. The ticats secondary and recieving corp both are lacking horribly

  2. leadership inwhich even if they are there this season and are the leaders of the team on and off the field younger leadership will emerge to replace them after giving them there due..

  3. To all you fans who have cursed me on pretty much any post I have made Well atleast I WAS RIGHT I told you all by starting Chang it would be Cavillo all over again.. ALSO I made a post during the preseason saying 07 starting to look alot like 06 I called this


It's not so much about their playing capabilities (although I have a hard time believing they couldn't crack the lineup on this debacle of a team) as it is about what they could've brought to the team in leadership.

For instance, how many of the players yesterday truly understood of the signigicance of the Labour Day match? Very few, I bet.

What am I going to miss......on the field nothing! However I will not forget the dedication they had to the team. Rob for 12 years and Mike for 8. Enjoy retirement boys!

Hey Meanstreak, why all the caps????? are you a LOUD TALKER???
Yelling does not make anyone hear you only annoys people, and in turn they tune you out!!!