Do you know what i Miss the most about the 90's

That when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would win a game you would get the entire crowd of fans singing Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Plus I miss the old music to even though there gearing it towards the younger generation i still miss the old tunes at the game

Madonna was still hot ...........

I miss winning the most. :expressionless:

being in my 30ies! :cry:

cheap gas ..........
V8 engines ........
rear wheel drive ......

driving past a gas station because 48.7 was too much for unleaded (which my mom still asks for...

Dear god, that last gas price comment really got me. How far we’ve come, I remember prices in the 50s being normal only 7-8 years ago.

well... 603 was the highest you'd see then, but ya, i know what you mean eh.

kinda jumped from there to 80 then straight up since.

I’ll say Bill Clinton, Seinfeld, and Earl Winfield (not necessarily in that order)

i do NOT miss seinfeld at all.

Not that there is anything wrong with that .......

Well, I don't really miss Bill Clinton. It's just one of those things like if your next door neighbour who you never really thought about moves away, and the new neighbour turns out to be a criminally insane biker gang leader who runs a crack house. Makes you a little nostalgic.

Hammer pants?

I remember my Mom getting ticked when Unleaded gas rose above 45 cents. Things change a lot...but they stay the same. Gas could be 20 cents a litre and we'd still complain to the gas jockey when it went up.

The 90's? Yeah...I miss seeing the Tabbies winning. I miss the spandex biker shorts...those were sweet, nothin' impresses a lady more than letting her see your "goods" before you even tell her your name. You know..the ones with the bright coloured stripe down the side?
They were saaaaaahhhh-weeet.


Yes the CFL in the 90's - don't you miss the Las Vegas Posse, Memphis Mad Dogs, Sacramento Gold Miners. We had a real league back then. Those expansion teams made our veteran players look good.

I also miss Milli Vanilli.

i miss most about the 90's...the 80's.speaking of that era,what ever happened to that fa. sorry portly kid that used to run the length of the north stands with a flag after each touchdown. are you now a svelt poster on this site?

...cheerleaders delivering entire buckets of KFC to lucky patrons. At the end of the game, there would be piles of bones and chicken carcasses all over the stadium. Hilarious.

Even better, back in the 90s they also used to deliver 6-foot subs served on a great big 2x4. That's my favourite marketing ploy ever - giving a 2x4 to the inebriated patrons of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

I miss having a winning record.
I miss the Mr.Sub Fan of the Game!
I miss the entire row getting coffee or timbits or donuts.
I miss the $2 guess the attendance game.
I miss Ticat Logos in the end zone.
I miss the tree in Lot J.
I miss a QB/WR 1-2 combination that scared the defense.
I miss Ozzy!
I miss stripes on the sleeves.

The 90's Was a bad Decade for us until 97-99
So I Really Don't Miss most of it.

I Grew up 80's So Miss them more.