Do you guys ACTUALLY think the lions will win??

just curious how stupid lions fans are

So um..lions fans are stupid?? couldnt be more wrong if you tried. Bc is gonna kick ass. Edmonton gets hurt to dam easily and ricky ray sucks. You'll bring in mass and our defence is gonna pick him apart. Its gonna be a close game but BC's gonna win


holy crap, you guys are more stupid than i thought...

Pfft....BC's gonna win and you know it stop trying to hide it


IF you arent high right now, which i doubt, u will find yourself to be a complete idiot at about 7mt tomorrow

hahahahaha wow you couldnt be more wrong! Thats pretty sad


u think what u want, ill know what i know

So why do you think edmonton's gonna win???


1)Eskies beat the lions in the season series quire convincingly
2)Ray will not screw up twice in a row
3)even if he does, we have a defence-killing general in Maas right behind him
4)Fleming is the best kicker in the league
5)Montford sitting on Dickenson's will stop him from doing anything of value to the lions
6)even if Dickenson does get a couple of passes off, the Esks have a great pass defence
7)Tompkins is the best returner in the league

8)the Eskies have the best receiving core in the league

9)the Esks have a bunch of momentum from the stamps, while the leos just had an extra week to stew

need i say anymore?

Who is the best team in the CFL right now??? hmm is it the esks...hmm no didnt think so.....Why has dickenson gotten the player of the month twice this year hmm???As well as Jason Clermont....and who has home field advantage??


LOL!!!! home field mean nothing and the Eskies have more awards than the lions-well carve you up

why are you even on the Lions site if you dont like them?
Bc's gonna kick some ass

Weirdo - Let's see if you're still around trash talking after the Lions win. You probably won't be man enough to return after the Esks lose. Now go run and hide in the corner.

Good job Lionbacker...your so right....hahaha


GO LIONS! Hell yeah we will win!!!


There is no way in hell you can say the lions are the best team in the CFL right now, at one point they were, but look how they finished there season, it was embarassing, the lions have nothing to build off of, no momentum going into the playoffs and did nothing in the last half of the season to show that they deserve where they are and that it wasnt just a fluke.

The only thing you proved is that you’re an a**hole.

That is so true


Why are you guys responding to this loser
Ignore him and he will go back to playing with his dinky cars in his mom's basement