Do you find it weird....

....that Austin hasn't endorsed Joseph as his #1 guy yet? you really think Crandell has a chance to unseat KJ for the starter position?....I dunno about you, but saying that it's still anyone's job to be #1 when KJ finished the way he did last year (great) just seems bizarre....

It could be he might look at the Riders' first pre-season game to see how they respond in a game situation before endorsing one or the other as the starter. We have had QB tandems in the past, maybe he is looking to see if that is the way he wants to go with respect to KJ and Crandell. IMO, I believe that the #1 job is Joesph's to lose, and if Crandell wants to be the starter, he has to earn it.

No, I don't find it weird. I think things like that are said by many coaches in all sports at training camp. It is a way to instill a sense of urgency and comes from a belief that competition brings out the best in people. Personally, I think the job is Kerry's unless something out of the ordinary happens at training camp.

Marcus does most everything OK. He passes Ok and he runs Ok but Kerry has a much stronger arm and certainly runs better. I think Kerry is the better overall althlete.

But I also think that this may be the last year that both Kerry and Marcus are with the 'riders, unless both of them dominate this season. One will be gone next year. Perhaps even both.

Perhaps it is too early to think about 2008 but it will be interesting to see which one of the two young QB's the 'riders have in camp this year will be the number 1 backup or even the starter. Both Tate and Durant have impressive college resumes.

Nope Tillman and Austin have both said every position is up for grabs. Does not seemed to have bothered KJ much that he is not the appointed one yet. He seems to understand that he needs to earn it, unlike some other QB’s…

…c’mon Oxy, you say it isn’t weird and then go on to explain exactly why it is weird…KJ hobbled on one leg with explosive diarrhea and the sun in his eyes is still a better QB than Crandell…KJ in shackles with temporary blindness and a bad haircut is still a better QB than 50% of the other hurlers in this league, yet you think because Austin says it’s anyone’s job for the taking that the team will really honestly believe this?, there are a lot of players that were born at night, but not last night, they’ll see right though that…

The definition of weird means of strikingly odd or unusual character.

I do not think it is "strikingly" odd. I agree with you that some players will see through it though. And those are the one's who oddly enough should probably take note.

But sometimes things are said for the "fans" benefit and it is sometimes better from a fan's point of view to say that all jobs are up for grabs especially when your team disappointed last year.

But we are both just guessing. I am sure Mr. Austin knowing more about football than probably the collective knowledge of all who lurk here has his reasons. And my guess is that it is motivational. There have been a lot of interceptions thrown in practises thus far. It maybe his way of telling the QB's that it is time to start getting serious. But that is just a guess.

...maybe its not strikingly odd, and I certainly do not profess to have anywhere near the football knowledge of Coach Austin, but I don't see the point of his not endorsing KJ early and building around the momentum he carried for your team last year....oh well, like you said there may be unknown factors there for saying this publically that we can't appreciate...

....interesting note on on the INT totals, we are seeing the same thing here....the TC reports praise all the DBs for stellar catches here and there but the hidden story then is WTF are the QBs throwing to?!?!....hopefully it's just Cortez's new playbook that's the problem, the QBs are still learning the new plays, maybe a similar reason for your guys...

Yes, I think you may be on to something there. It is certainly a different offense being taught in Regina than in the past and although there are personnal changes in the defense, the set up is the same.

I wonder if our QB's are struggling or are the DB's shining?

A question that has nothing to do with this thread: given the choice, who would you have as QB for the stampeders, Henry Burris or Kerry Joseph?

A couple of years, I thought that I would rather have Nealon Greene over Henry Burris. Boy was I wrong.

...Joseph would be my pick...when Burris is hot he is freaking unstoppable, a machine, you get goosebumps watching him move the offense, but when he is not it is the most utterly frustrating thing in the world....way way too much least with KJ you get a decent performance day in day to nealon, I can't see that working anywhere... MadJack pointed out, the key right now to our QB success is how Akili Smith does...if shows well then he will either a) make Burris play better, or b) push Burris out of #1...either way it would be a win-win scenario...if he tanks in the PS games I dread but expect Hank will go back to being comfortably inconsistent...sigh...

Akili Smith… yes what a coup for the Stampeders to get him. Not too often 1st round draft NFL picks and 3rd overall come north.

It will be interesting to see whether he or Shaun King in Hamilton has the biggest impact here. What an exciting season for CFL fans this year.

Inconsistency is the issue with Henry. It was probably that which kept Henry out of the NFL. The NFL has little tolerance for mistakes or inconsistency.

I would not call Kerry Joseph the most consistent QB in the league either. Maybe his wonky knee had something to do with that last year.

...maybe not as consistent as say a Ricky Ray but still a pretty level headed character....and gentle caress, the way he played with a wonky knee was freakin, he WANTED IT, there was passion and drive....that isn't something you can teach, that's an intangible that comes from character alone...Ray has it, Dickenson has it, Allen has it, but so far IMO that is the select group that owns that trait... takes a certain QB thats says to his huddle "I'm thinking about Fire-trUCKING winning this game boys and you are either with me or not" and then goes out and does it...sadly, I don't think Hank is in that illustrious group yet, maybe this year, for his sake it better be this year...

I appreciate your admiration for Kerry Joseph. I am glad that he has the respect of fans from other parts of the country. It is good to see. Thanks. I hope the stampeders do well except when they meet the 'riders. :wink:

I don't think it is odd that Austin has not "annointed" KJ.
I am reasonably certain he is #1, and barring injury will start in game 1.
But the "every job is up for grabs" is the party line with a new GM and new coach, and to say anything different for the QB position would cut against that grain.
Personally, I think the "every job" aspect to the mantra is a bit of an exageration, but we will see.
I think we will have 9 new starters this year. 4 on defence, 5 on offence. Given that 8 starters from last year are gone......
That means I think the only vet that will lose his job is Yo "I'm 36 years old" Murphy, who was also only the starter for a brief time last year.
And the chances are pretty good that all 4 "new" starters on defence were actually here last year....

So annointed or not, it is KJ's job to lose.

No. The guy who wins the job will be the starter in week #1.

Its gonna be Kerry Joseph... They cant cut him or nothign really, because they would look absolutely stupid for a couple reasons. A)They brought him into the league.
b)They just made the man take a substantial pay cut.

As well, nobody is gonna pay a guy $225,000 to sit on a bench.

Exactly. When KJ isn't injured he is one of the best in the league. Baring some miraculous play at TC by Crandell, I say Joseph will be the starter.

Why Does Austin have to endorse anybody as the starter?

I agree with what was said about . . .
If he is the best at week one then he will start.

Austin hasn't proclaimed anyone no big will be interesting to see if KJ can put up Dickenson, Cavillo, Ray and Burris type of numbers this year. Given the pass orientated offense...he had good numbers in Ottawa....but was running for his life most of the type....he has what looks like a good solid line in front of him this year.

You don't give a spot to a guy the first week into training camp, especially with QB's. You are gunna get more effort out of all of the QB's throughout TC. Coming from a QB it is a good move. They will all play in both games, even if we may know who the starter might be, we won't officially know until the week before game 1 of the regular season.

Joseph or Crandell will be the starters this year. Yeah, Joseph may get the start in week one, but Austin won't be afraid to pull him if he doesn't play well or gets injured.