Do you Choose 2 Ignore?

NO trolling in team sections

They lost the game (calgary) by not being able to get that 2 feet they needed for a first down and by taking dunb penalties ( particularly that last one which made then start on their own 7 yard line at the end). the field goal attempt would have been 20 yards closer.

lol stripped of a win, settle down now.... stamps could of won it at the end but burris and the offence choked plain and simple and jojaun armour had nothing to with that so get out here with that crap.

Do you Choose 2 Ignore your own signature? And I quote:

Win with Class or Lose with Class, because that's how your remembered for the rest of your life!

Some actually live by that. Others pay it lip service because they think it sounds cool. Which one are are you?

I think we all know....

Seriously Blacklyin69 ... is there a Moron Factory somewhere in BC where year after year they churn out losers like yourself?
You know every team has there fair share of bad fans Riders included, but BC by Far has to be the worst.