Do you care about the Argo's?

Found this on the FOA site. For those who don't go there I thought I'd post it here.
CBC has a poll asking if you care about the Argo's.

Scroll down, it's near the center of the page.

Nope :lol:

Well, I like your passion. Misguided as it may be. :roll:

I'm a big TiCats fans and love the CFL but "do I care about the Argos"? Well, not any more than I care about the Stamps or Bombers or in the NHL, my team is the Habs but do I care about the Leafs, Flyers etc.?

That question is stupid. It always amazes me who the journalism profession allows into their profession.

Well considering its in the CBC TORONTO section Im pretty sure its supposed to be a gauge of whether or not the city of toronto cares about the argos... not what fans of other teams think.

Thanks xtybe, that was to be my reply as well.
Actually I would think that if there was any team outside of Hamilton a Ti-cat fan would love it would be the Argos.
Is there any team a true Cat fan loves to hate more than Toronto?
C'mon fess up Earl, click 'Yes' and be free.

Yes, you're right to a degree. But why ask this question in the first place? I've never heard a question like that for any other Toronto based team and isn't it interesting that the others are in American dominated leagues, not a Canadian one like the CFL. The question is supposed to make both the Argos and CFL look bad IMHO, it's a slam towards the CFL but we've seen this all too often. Piece of crap journalism IMHO.

The fact is Toronto as much as any poll might suggest the Argos "don't matter" or what have you in Toronto absolutely hate having the Argos lose to little ol' Saskatchewan and other teams in the CFL and they hate watching cities like Regina watching people going nuts and having a great time and then watching the Rogers Centre look like a tomb for football and baseball. It drives the people in Toronto nuts, not talking the great Argo fans out there and there are great Argo/CFL fans in Toronto as we know but those that aren't really big Argo fans or not Argo/CFL fans. They hate the CFL because the CFL and especially the cities that go crazy over the CFL makes Toronto look at themselves in the mirror and say "why can't we get excited over the Argos/CFL"? Most of them are unable to think clearly about the answer to this question. Again, not talking the great Argo and CFL fans there.

Toronto can stand losing to the Boston's and New York's and Detroit's but can't stand losing to the Regina's, Winnipeg's or Hamilton's, I friggin love it. So some idiot reporter or journalist makes up a stupid question like this to make the Argos and CFL look irrelevant in Toronto, what an idiot. Again, not including the great Argo/CFL fans (sorry about repeating that but I love you guys to death there, well love in some sense anyways. :wink: )

One thing I think might very well happen is that we will hear over the next year or two plans for an Argonaut stadium somewhere once the Bills thing dies down and perhaps once Ralph Wilson passes on and it becomes evident the Bills are staying in Buffalo. I think a lot of well to do people in Toronto will be upset if the Bills don't land in Toronto and might very well tell the NFL to shove it and they should. They will realize they were used by Ralph Wilson and the NFL.

Toronto could be a meca CFL place with a new stadium football specific with tailgaiting and that. I think the potential is there for Toronto to be a real CFL hotbed with this development which I think will happen actually. Right now football is in a state of a mess, playing in a baseball first stadium which isn't right for the Argos, or for the Bills for that matter.

Oh, and I expect this announcement of a new stadium to coincide maybe with the 100th Grey Cup game that probably will be played in Toronto.

The Argo's definitely need a place to call home, and it isn't the Roger's Centre.
I wonder if there is any other city in the world where the sports community is as
petty as Toronto. I say petty because there is no Argo represented on the outside of their home stadium.
Trent Edward's is there, so is a Blue Jay. The Blue Jay belongs, the Bill doesn't.
This small-mindedness hurts both organizations.

I'm a relative newcomer to the Toronto scene so I don't know the entire history of
all this animosity. But Roger's snub of the Argo's reeks of small-time thinking.

Yes Fan but I also think it hurts Toronto's reputation overall with no Argos on the stadium, it really shows that while Toronto might have loads of money, they don't even know where their own heart is and that's sad. On image I'm saying, in reality there are a lot of great people in Toronto who care about their city no doubt but not having an Argo on the stadium is like them saying they don't care about themselves even though yes, it's a Rogers Communications controlled stadium. But how could Rogers allow that? I think it is absolutely disgusting. Rogers is just a company, I know, I know but still, the image of the Skydome as "Toronto's stadium" still persists in me even though it is owned by Rogers now as is the RC.

No argument here, Earl.
That stadium was bought and paid for with Toronto, Ontario and Canadian tax dollars.
Rogers bought it for a song.

I'm happy that the cable company here in Hamilton, Mountain Cablevision, was just bought out by anyone but Rogers, we are now Shaw Cable as the owner wanted to sell to a company with a good track record for customer service.

Do you care about the Argos? Like the man said its put out there to try and make the Argos look bad. Most of the Toronto media would love nothing better than see the Argos fade away, and the CFL also. I would always answer that question yes, because the CFL is a passion of my life, I love it!

But I am currently disgusted in the Argos of the past 2 years, in particular Pinball Clemens and the decisions he has made. Do not try and tell me that Pinball has not been behind all the big decisions over the past couple years, because we know he has. I was really looking forward to the 2008 season with Bishop as the starter and Rich Stubler as the HC. What Argos did to Bish and Rich was just outrageous! We did not need Joseph, we where set at QB! What they did to Rich Stubler was also terrible! Rich was asked, why in all your years of football have you never been a HC? He always answered the same, I would never take on such a job unless I was given full control over who played where. Finally I was offered a situation where I would have full control and I took it. These are the words of Rich Stubler....First thing they told him was you cant start the guy you want at qb...we all know what happened eventually they forced his hand and shortly after fired him. Rich deserved better and so did Bish, not to mention Prefontain.

Even before then, bringing in a player under suspension from another league, stupid decisions one after the other like never seen before. The Argos management made the Gliebermans look good after a while. We thought it could not get any worse ? Then they hire a coach with zero CFL experience, what does he do but hire assistant coaches without CFL experience and this against the advice of Adam Rita. Rita is the only adult on board and it`s believed he has little control over deisions. Now they are getting rid of their top receiver, the great Arland Bruce.

Do I care about the Argos? Yes I do but not the bunch currently running the circus.

Interesting read paul. Interesting comments about Pinball and I agree he's out to left field in any management position, sports or otherwise albeit I do find him quite likeable as a person but he wants to be liked by everyone I think and this will cost him in the long run. He's not management material and that isn't a knock on him as a person at all, just the facts I think, at least at this point.

I do think though that the Argos have a good one in Andrus, I think he will be one of the top coaches in the league in a few years once he knows the game and players more, I like his demeaner and how he operates, he'll put Pinball in his place I think.

Interesting comments PaulPearson (now that's a name from the past)

Pinball was on PT Sports with McCown last year and said all he did was ask the GM and Coach if they wanted Joseph, as he was available. The answer came back yes. McCown asked Pinball if he didn't think that Rita and Stubler would think that they were suppose to say yes if the CEO suggested such a trade. They also probably knew the owners weren't happy with Bishop after he choked in the 07 final. We may never know the real truth.

Pinball may well have had a large say in the promoting of Rich Stubler to HC. Stubler has said the only reason he came to Toronto was Pinball Clemons. There was also rumours that he and Buratto didn't get along and that he wanted Mohns fired if he took over as HC. However, Rita, Buratto and Mohns are all pretty tight (you notice they all survive any purges) so Pinball must have had them all kiss and make up, but their knives were still probably out for Stubler. However, Rich kind of imploded under the pressure and it just wasn't going to work for him as HC. But I don't think the 3 omigos were ever in favour of Rich Stubler being the HC. The trade for Joseph really screwed his team up and was probably the reason some of the "old" players got let go before the end of the season.

So we have to move on. I like Bart Andrus so far as the HC. Don't know if the owners have the courage to do it or not, they seem to be in love with Adam Rita, who keeps Buratto and Mohns on the job. But at the end of the season, they should move Rita over to an advisor or something and give Andrus the title of "head of football operations". A fancy title for GM and HC. Let him hire his own scouts who actually can find some good young QB's for the future of this team. I don't have a problem with the Canadian scouts Volpe and Gorrell. They do as good a job as any finding players from the CIS. Of course Adam generally trades away the top pick for some average import. Will this ever happen? Not likely.

I watched every show about the qb controversy in 2008. Also different players that spoke up, most players where for Bish. I believe Adam was for Bish as well as Rich. Yes I always liked Pinball as a person as well, but my respect for him in that regard went down after what he did to Bish, and in some ways even worse what he personally did to Rich Stubler! I covered that in my last post.

On HC Bart, I see him out of the CFL next year. It was a mistake to hire a guy with NO CFL experience, regardless of the 1 time it worked with the HC of the Montreal Als. Was a completely different situation there, Mark Tressman was not allowed to go out and hire coaches without CFL experience! He was guided by the great Larry SWmith through it all.

In the situation with the Argos, Bart dismissed Adam Ritas advice to hire CFL experienced assts.

The funniest thing was after the win over Bombers last week, video of HC Bart surfaced....he said Awesome D guys simply Awesome. While its true Argos D is very good, the only reason Argos won was because of the horid qb playing of the bombers.

Look for Argos to be blown out of the stadium by Bish and the Bombers.

HC Bart will be out of work next season...mark my words.

I care about the Argo's then who would we say suck's?

Mark my words paulpearson, I hate to say it as a TiCats fan but Andrus will be coach of the year in the CFL in the next few years.

OK Earl, I will hold you to that :slight_smile:

I agree, he just needs the stinkin GM to bring in some quality players!