do you believe?

i believe that this year we have a "team",not a bunch of individuals who played only for their pay cheque. .this "team"of ours has a lot of heart and determination which can overcome the injury bug and not only beat B.C., but go all the way and bring the grey cup home.

I believe

I feel it, and Ive never stopped believing in this team.


I know they can and I believe they will.

They can do it!!!

Mowerman, I hope your right.

I have been believing all season. This is our year. If we get past BC (which I believe we will), we bring home the cup. GO RIDERS, GO!

A " Cinderela " story. Maybe they could make a movie. :smiley:

hell ya!!!!!!!

Of course I believe.

I believe

:o Is Zeke turning on his Lions? I guess it's true, the Riders really are Canada's team. :D

Chief, There is no qustion that Rider fans have certainly created a positive image for themselves around the CFL. There awesome.

Nah he's talkin Lions or he just posted here to cover his bases. If the Leos lose today he'll be saying its somehow prophetic that he called a Rider victory. And thats an Eiben-like GUARUNTEE.


Good luck to the Riders today and their fans, should be a great game!

Hope to see some of you in the Dome!

You wont. You are clearly blind to the sympathies of the Riders football club and its fans. Nice sentiment though.


I think this needs repeating!!!!
I believe!!!!!

Go Riders Go!!!!!

More than ever buddy!!!


Ask and ye shall received ... yesterday, we received!!! Hallelujah!

I practiced positive thought all season and it worked, it really WORKED!!!! We are Aladdin and the universe is our genie! Yay!!!!!!!!!!