Do you believe the Refs are doing a good job this year.

Thought we needed this to get it out of our system.

The CFL really needs to overhaul its officiating procedure and calls, along with getting officials who know the rules. It has been a problem for years.

I need an option for "Yes, except for one recent call". Maybe I'll just tick off "needs improvement". It does, but it has also improved, and video review is good to have. (Of course, it must now be used properly, coughIrelandcough)

I beleive last year the CFL hired about a dozen new officials. This year we saw a couple new head Referee's. We know both the CFL and NFL officials are part timers, and people who have real jobs. We got instant replay this year. We have beat this topic to death each time their is a contraversial call. What is the solution(s)? So, I'll pose a few questions to the referee bashers. You've seen the old, you've seen the new. Who do you hire? How do you hire them? What do you base your hiring on? Can the league afford to pay them a full time wage? Can you put together a job description for the league to hire the right official?

IMO, the reffing has improved but there will always be room for improvement. The Video review has been a major improvement and IMO a huge success.

Bad calls will always occur and replay won't overturn all bad calls due to the fact that if there is any element of doubt the call must stand. We can flog the bad call in Toronto to death, the fact is that there wasn't sufficient evidence to compell the official to change his call, that doesn't make the call right.

...they can do better ...I believe some games are left wanting because of 'poor' officiating...but for the most part they get the job done....Like most things in the CFL , we would hope it keeps improving.... that can only happen with the right people in place...Maybe its time Mr. Black...and other league oficials to make sure that is the case...Some decisions as of late...have left a lot of people wondering???????? :roll:

Papa, I should shoot a video of my Grandsons football games and have ro1313 post it.

Last week, one official looked like Santa Claus, another like Tweedledum. Horrible officiating. 20 holding calls in a Junior Bantam game. It was amazing anybody scored a touch down. One official couldn't waddle down the field very fast, and was signaling touch down from the 30 yard line.

If you guys could see what I see, I think we'd give Jake Ireland a big hug!

…it’s a tough job…sport no doubt…but if you had Tweedledum doing your grandsons game…we certainly had Tweedledee (Ireland) doing the last Cal/Tor. game…I would like to give Jake something …but it wouldn’t be a big hug…That call he made was an insult to the intelligence of the fans of the CFL…

nice to see you’re getting out with the grandsons…my guys are more interested in hockey and soccer …i keep trying to tell them that the best game is football…but heh…everyones got their favs. :lol:

I look at it this way the refs now with instant replay should be much better at making decisions on plays that need another look. Because of the recent display by one Jake Ireland does not discolor the fact the reffing has improved from last year. The problem now when a guy has the chance with video replay to make a good decision has 60 seconds to view the paly and yet takes 22 seconds. Something tells me his mind was made up before viewing. Over all the refs have done a good job but there have been a few games this year that were terrible. Yes this is nothing new. MY vote is yes they are doing a good job and in hindsight should have had another yes but need more improvement.

I will admit Red, there have been some instant replays that have been a mystery.

Heres a question for ask the ref. How many replays have had technical troubles? Remember early on in the season there were a few glitches.

Heres a what if.

What if the reason Ireland only took 22 seconds was because the replay booth wasn't working. Maybe he "took" one for the league? What is less embarassing, Inconclusive evidence, or another electrical malfunction?

Not defending the call, just planting another idea.

I think overall video replay has been good and helped a lot. I would definately say much better officiating this year then last.

redandwhite;Thanks for being the only one of my critics to admit to seeing my point.Good poll!
sambo42; 100%-I've noticed a steady decline since the early 90s.
sportsmen;Why do we have to determine how to hire a ref?People are paid to do that.I'm tired of hearing excuses for these guys.They all knew what they were getting into.By the time you get to pros,should'nt you have reached a higher level of efficiency?
arjoel;If it's better this year,then what the hell were we watching?

It's somewhat excusable if a ref makes a bad call on the field ... but if they then screw up the video review, too, it's worse.

I think someone has to be punished, somehow, to show that this is unacceptable ... I'm sure they weren't trying to screw up that royally, but still, they're reffing pro football, and they can't afford to screw up that royally. These refs have a standard to live up to, and someone has to hold them to that. It's POSSIBLE that Calgary would have tied the game, and hence it's POSSIBLE they would have won it, and been tied with BC heading into our home-and-home with the Lions. Instead, we're one win behind, and basically have no chance of catching the Lions for first. The Stamps might suffer the consequences ... the officials should, too.

mods please dont delete this, I promise I will not mention any names.

it went with little press coverage, but actually one of the officiating crews that started the season was demoted a few games back. not surprising to me really, but it does show that the league is watching their guys and trying to put the best crews they have on the field for us.