Do you believe in Omens!

Football players are full of superstitions and the like. Well Do you believe in omens?
1967- The MAC Mauraders play for the Vanier Cup. The TiCats play for the Grey Cup.
MAC loses to the University of Calgary 10-9 yup by one point! (follow me)
The TiCats throttle the Green Riders 24-1 in hthe Grey Cup game played in Ottawa.

Roll Forward to 2014
MAC and the Cats again both play for the Vanier Cup and the Grey Cup in the same year.
MAC loses by 1 point (same as in 1967)
One more chapter to write!!!
It`s an omen I say an omen!!!

TCMIK :rockin:

Some weird repetition of history.

This on top of playing Calgary in the Greg Cup in Vancouver after being Montreal to get there

Nah don’t belive in stuff like that or fate or invisible sky daddy’s

I’m a little superstitious though but that might be a touch of OCD :wink:

Now if the scenario was in 1967 Mac lost to MTL by a score of 20-19 by a blocked fg and the Cats went on to beat Cal by whatever score. Than maybe just maybe (not likely) I’d think it might be a sign possibly maybe. Lol

I was thinking the same little was the University of Alberta...