Do YOU believe in Miracles?????

it wouldn't be a miracle to beat both Winnipeg and Motreal considering how they've fallen and suffered injuries. it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Tiger-Cats in the grey Cup. They've showed, more than once, how potetn and dangersous they can be.

If they make it to the grey cup, consider they've crushed Calgary once and B.C. Twice this season.

Grey Cup? I doubt it but dream on.


This is a mediocre team whose season will end next week...

Then we can get to blowin' this abyssmal team up and start over...

Think of it as Bob's 10 to 15 year plan...

And there you go, both Winnipeg and Montreal finish the season with a mediocre 10-8, losing the last two games, that each meant a first place finish. They've failed to come through in important games leading into the playoffs.

They have proven, yet again, that they are both very beatable.

And what a brutal loss by Montreal.

I agree Montreal has taken a step back...

Compare Winnipeg's rise over the last 3 years to our record over the same three year period...

Not compelling for us,to say the least...

Both of those teams are over .500 and we have'nt proven that we can beat them in thier respective barns at all this year...

One and done...again...

The Bob Young 10 to 15 year plan continues...

True, but...B.C., best team in the CFL, has proven they can't beat Hamilton this year. What does that mean?

Being over or under .500 by one game is not that much of a distinction.

And the paradox that is the CFL year has Montreal getting crushed by 39 points in a very meaningful game by a B.C. team, the best team in the league, that was crushed twice by Hamilton this year.

And, the week before, in another very meaningful game that would have meant first place for Montreal, Calgary beat them handily, the very same team Hamilton crushed in Moncton by scoring 55 points!

Anyone, including Hamilton, can beat any team.

You mean..

Hamilton over 3 years
2011 - 8-10
2010 - 9-9
2009 - 9-9
Total 27-28
Winnipeg over 3 years -
2011 - 10-8
2010 - 4-14
2009 - 7-11
Total 17-33

THAT type of not compelling for us???

FYI just to let these facts get in the way of your absolutely STUNNING rant...

Montreal over the last 3 years 33-17

Do you even research your information before posting???

learn to math...

What does past records or the record in the regular season have to do with the game next Sunday?

I think this is what Avon has been waiting for, a chance to prove himself in the most meaningful game of the year against his former team. I can see him have a monster game. This is the time of year he plays his best.

Stats are nice for speculating and analyzing, but when the whistle blows, they dont mean a thing.

My 2 cents: the Cats do not have the coaching to take the team on a playoff run. Early (and ugly) exit in Montreal next Sunday.

The Voice of Reason says, Montreal is pretty banged up and some key players are injured. Hamilton has some fresh legs after resting key players. Hamilton has defeated Montreal twice and should have been three times :roll:

So it should be interesting if Hamilton shows up and i think they would :thup:

For all the coaching skills that Montreal and Winnipeg are supposed to have, along with better quarterbacking, they still lost their respective games yesterday. Games that they needed and wanted to win. Mind their opponents also had an interest in the results as well.

I'm not suggesting that Hamilton is blessed with either coaching or great signal callers, but they have fared well, at times, against both these teams. And who knows, in a single game playoff, what could happen. Besides, both of Hamilton's obstacles to the Grey cup have now lost 3 of their last 4 games. Those kind of results shouldn't give either of them any swagger going into the second season.

This may sound strange, but in light of yesterday's results, I'm kind of liking our chances more. I feel a good vibe and it's not last night's beer.

Maybe you two should get together and have a pout party during next weeks game, or give the blind faith approach a shot, it's way more fun then the constantly miserable depressed crap that comes out of onknight every year since Bob bought the team.
Faith, hope and expectation are part of being a fan and part of the enjoyment of attending, game analysis can be fun but damn some of you take this stuff way too serious and analyse the fun right out of it. No one enjoys losing but the first time the score of a football game actually puts me in a foul enough mood to make post after bummed out post I think I'll quit watching.

We claim to have a tough team or at least a tough reputation but somehow the fan base represented here have become some kind of whipped sad sacks that appear to want people fired more than they want to win or to at least back the efforts of the guys on the field. We've already put a bus load of fans together for the EDSF and I guarantee you every single one of them will travel to Montreal believing we can (and will) kick Montreals ass for them, and if we don't every Als fan we pass will know that come next year the East is ours. A depressing, suicidal 13th man is by far worse then a team that at least tries. I'm not much of a Glenn fan and I really don't care much for some of managements shenanigans but the day won't come where I predict my team will lose.

EDSF - Hamilton 21 Montreal 13

Hey 2nd and wrong...

That is one of the best posts I have read here in a long, long time! :thup:

I'm on board with you!!

Go Cats! It's a new season.

Enough with this downer BS!! This team can and will beat Montreal and Winnipeg, and I personally look forward to seeing them in BC!!!

The only miracle needed around here is to have the so-called fans to get off of this negativity and get on with supporting the team. For crying out loud we are in the playoffs!!!

As for the team: Pin those ears back and give them HELL boys!! said you've put a bis load of fans together for the game this week...are there spots left..whats the price??

I'm checking on any seats left but it was talked about for quite some time and I'm a late invite myself so we'll see. It's just a bunch of guys and their families so it's pretty informal, tickets are still in the arranging stage but we think it's all do-able for 150'ish.

It wouldn't be a horrible idea if the team put a quick trip together for fans that want to make the trip, there's obviously a few with some support left in them.

Yes I do.... that is all