Do YOU believe in Miracles?????

I know! It's not new.....

But relevant?

NO!! I believe in Fact this Team is gone Backward every year since 2009.
a Miracle would be if they fire Marcel and Obie and get real GM and Head Coach..

I was one of the many people sent Letter to Ford Family Telling them to Fire Matt Millen
We may need to do same with Obie.. Start phone calls and letters asking fore changes..
Threaten not to renew and Follow threw if they don't make changes.

Absolutely Onknight! :thup: A fact that has been apparent since game 2. Except to those who are led by blind faith. :roll:

No I do not.

The Cats are what they are. They have the capacity to impress every second or third game. My basic arithmetic skills preclude me from anointing the upcoming playoff run a success before I see a pulse. Bellefeuille is not inspiring me here.

Oski Wee Wee,


The major problem with firing MB is finding a quality replacement. Someone with CFL experience not some american nob

Scott Milanovich, line one. You’re welcome! LMAO :smiley:

Too many ticats Fans have Blind Faith .. I do don't
I still am a cat fan but my Rose colour glasses are broken after 5 years of Disappointing Football
consistence football is LACKING HERE in Hamilton

I am grate full for Obie and Marcel but they've taken us as far as they can
The Tampa Bay buccanners had Tony Dungy but could never win the big one
They Fire him Brought in Jon Gruden they Won a Superbowl

Sometimes a Coach and GM can only take a Team so far
This is the case with obie and Marcel
Good guys just not they one to finish the Job.

At least I won't be so devastated when we lose in the playoffs this year. I fully expect us to get blown out next Sunday, yet Bellefuille will be standing on the sideline doing nothing but clap his hands, as per usual.

My girlfriend thought it was very odd that the TiCat coach clapped his hands after Drurie scored a TD for Toronto.
I’m guessing Marcel is attempting to convey to his players something like, “that’s aright guys, we can come back, no worries”??

Either way, intentions aside, it doesn’t seem to inspire the club. :frowning:

Maybe it was sarcastic applause for the officials after the bogus PI call?

possibly…but doesn’t Marcel have a habit of clapping after an opposing team TD?

Last night was a pre-playoff season game, just like the pre-season, try all three QBs, rest some starters. If they win great if the lose, doesn't make any difference. This was the last time that they would be playing the Argos so no need to show them anything new or learn anything from them, nothing they did last night would help them in the playoffs.
If this team was undefeated now, it wouldn't make any difference. As they say - it's a whole new season now. They could come out next week in Winnipeg and dominate them and then go into Montreal in two weeks and be on their way to winning a Grey Cup. Still a chance to win the GC and satisfy the people that want a winning record this season - they still could end up 11 - 10.

Put me in the “blind faith catagory”

There is no doubt they will have to play their best football.

We need a 3 game winning streak and when the Labour Day,Moncton and the team that waxed the Lions the other week are playing our opponents, it will be accomplished!!

I will be there living and dying on every play as usual.

So its Obies fault that ab111 is a cancer in the locker room?

This team has talent, and thats a credit to Obilivich, the Offence system seems to be the problem IMO, its the Talent that has kept them close to .500 .

IF Doug Flutie is seriously interested in becoming a coach , The Cats should roll out a red carpet for him and do whatever he says!!!

Why even still make post on here Tom, if you gave up your season tickets and are boycotting the team until changes have been made! You have done nothing but cut this team up since rookie camp began! Why waste your most presious time posting negative things.

My guess is that he wants attention that he can’t get any other way.

The guy has a right to post. His frustration levels are shared by a lot of people who have simply given up and refuse to care anymore let alone post anything on this site. At least he is posting and obviously still cares about this team.
Have you not noticed the dramatic drop in posts on this site. That is more concerning than a frustrated Ticat fan expressing his genuine ( and quite frankly valid) opinions on this blog.

I don’t think Wally Buono has needed to apply any chemotherapy lately. Ti-cats on the other hand are on life support. :cowboy:

Neither did the Ticats at first. Although there was that public announcement by him that Glenn should take over from Porter a couple of years ago. If he said that publicly, what was he saying in the locker room?