Do We Want Johnny Alcohol Slayer?

Herb tweeted this yesterday:

Herb Zurkowsky?

17h17 hours ago

are one of three CFL teams who have made trade offers for the rights to QB Johnny Manziel, who's on Hamilton's negotiation list.

My answer is a resounding NO!

We`ve been enough of a circus the last few years. Plus Manziel would only be using the CFL to get back to the NFL.

No thanks. First off, do not believe the Als have a coach that keep him on the straight and narrow and keep him focused.
Further to that, if he was here and it was not going his way, what would end up doing? Getting into trouble, being a distraction, or head home?

Als need stability right now.

Would prefer the Als go after someone like a Collaros and maybe AC can work with him to get him back on his game.


Oh yes, Johnny would slay this Manziel! He is a no good, immature manipulative alcoholic!

Don't get Johnny wrong. Some alcoholics deserve sympathy and help. Not Manziel! He is the kind of guy who says he's going clean, and 15 minutes later he's partying...

Johnny has read everything this guy has done. Unbelievable! Here is a sample:


He also "allegedly" assaulted his girlfriend:


The only people in Montreal who will love this guy, are the bar owners on Crescent Street...

NO MANZIEL in Montreal!

If the Als want pull a Cassini, they bring in Johnny football and resign Duron Carter...what a way to go.

Can you imagine Manzel loose on Crescent or St-Denis. There isn't a worse place in the CFL to bring Manzel than Montreal. This team is run by the biggest group of incompetent that has ever been assembled in the CFL in at least two decades.

Herb compared them to the Browns I think they look more like really bad Raider teams.

Absolutely not!

Especially after the Michael Sam's fiasco

RICH drunks will always find a bar/party, regardless what city they are in.

Sounds like the Alley-Wets are grasping at at straws at this point!