do we want Jarius Jackson or Brad Banks?

According to a story posted on the homepage of this website today, the Cats have a chance to trade for Jarius Jackson, BC's third stringer.

Knowing we want someone with CFL experience to compete with Maas at TC, if you were Desjardins, would you pull the trigger on a deal for Jackson, or would you sign free agent Brad Banks?

I would sign Banks. It would cost us less.

But we are trying to re-shape our club, and BC has a lot of talented players. So I can see the potential for a big, headline-grabbing, multi-player trade between BC and Hamilton here. Stay tuned.

Banks is a couple of years younger.
Jackson will be 29 soon.
Also just because a QB looks good in the B.C. system (although he was only around 50% passing) just remember Spergen Wynn looked real good for B.C. in their system.
I would have more interest in Banks.

Jarious Jackson also played 2 or 3 games for the Minnesota Vikings before BC signed him. If he doesn't cost you much, he wont hurt your team.

Yeah Banks is a few years younger, but I like Jackson. I'd be more interested in him. He's been in the game more and he impressed me when he played against us. I'm not sure that he would cost us any more than Banks would. Banks is a FA and the only other FA QB's are Allen and Wynn (I'm not counting Printers because I don't think he'll be up here). Banks may be able to get a decent FA contract.

I personally think it would be smarter to go after a guy like Jarius Jackson instead of Brad Banks. Jackson is older and ideally more mature as quaterback and comes from a winning franchise, so he can bring a change in attitude which I think is what Marcel and Co. are trying to establish.

I have noticed that quarterbacks tend to take a little longer to develop in the CFL than in the NFL just due to the amount of mental and physical adjustements a player has to make because of the extra man and larger field. So I wouldn't really put too much thought about the fact that Jackson is 29 years old.

But the only problem is, what do you have to give up to get him? Wally is doing a good job of subtly selling him as a #2 quarterback or better, and being in competition with the Argos for his services can only drive up the price.

As long as it's not Tay Cody or Brock Ralph, I don't mind.

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My only concern is who do we trade to get Jackson, and if we do get him, are we then obligated to play him?

Trade for a 3rd stringer?Give me a break.

I'd bet he wouldn't be a 3rd stringer on any team besides BC. They seem to be able to find great QB prospects that nobody else can. That is why I hate them. :smiley:

Ahhh if he is so good why do they want to rid themselves of him ?

because they already have DD and bucky.

Banks and Jackson belong to the same not-so-exclusive club, along with Rocky Butler, Spergon Wynn, and probably several others. The name of the club is "Society of backup Quarterbacks who played like all-stars against the Tiger-Cats and never really did much else, yet still need to parlay it into a lasting career."

Note that membership in this club is not permanent and can be easily terminated should any of them go on to play well against non-Ticat teams. Also note that joining the Ticats could, for obvious reasons, extinguish the few bright spots club members tend to enjoy in a typical season.

Ouch. :wink: :lol: mtl he would be #4 or 5 he might get head of sask he would be #4 as well so dont put any money on da fact that he wont be #3

Jackson is probably better than your average backup, but I don't think it's worth throwing away the future on an aging 2nd string QB.

Here are the 2006 statistics for Jarious Jackson of the B.C. Lions:

37 completions/79 attempts, 46.8% completion rate, 3 TDs and 2 interceptions

These stats include his good performance (12 completions/21 attempts, 2 TDs, 0 interceptions) in the game against the Ticats at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Sep 30/06.

Meanwhile, here are the 2006 statistics for Richie Williams of the Ticats:

17 completions/32 attempts, 53.1% completion rate, 2 TDs and 1 interception

Unfortunately for Williams, he did not get an opportunity to play against the Ticats last year.

One additional fact is that Williams (born Mar 10/83) is six years younger than Jackson (born May 5/77).

In summary, it would probably benefit the Ticats more to simply give Richie Williams more reps at training camp and see whether he can make the move to number two quarterback than it would to acquire Jarious Jackson.

TCTD: I'm buying what you're selling.

Ditto. Even though I said I was more interested in Jackson than Banks, I still think Ritchie Williams should be here. That kid has serious potential.