Do we underestimate Montreal?

I would almost die laughing if another MTL FG attempt died in the wind before passing over the crossbar…

I always thought the wind had actually moved it backwards in the air at the end, but apparently that wasn’t the case:

The Hand of God?

It did put up a wall of wind that caused it to go straight down! I had perfect seats to view it.

Here is hoping to a good beat down of Montreal tonight. If the Cats play smart it will be an easy W.

We’ll cover the spread. (This isn’t Calgary, we are playing)

Team just needs to show up.

But for all 60 minutes 150Gage.

I have never understood the use of “we” with fans when talking about their team. We the fans have literally nothing to do with the football ops of a team, so there really is no “we”.

Sure… we help fund the team, but we have nothing to do with the on field product.

Doesn’t the team read this forum and make their decisions based on OUR collective expertise?

That’s because WE season seat holders might as well be minor share holders since the team would cease to exist if WE stopped supporting them.

Coaches, players, football ops and even owners will change over and over. The only true constant is WE the fans.

I see your point, but ticket sales is only 40-50% of the team revenue. They get as much or more money from sponsors.

Who are the sponsors trying to appeal to?

Who is the TV money going towards?

Also consider teams LOVE the fact fans consider themselves part of the team. A pro sports team is just a business trying to make a profit, if people say “we”, then they’re at thr point of maximum investment in the business.

I’m sure McDonald’s, Ford, apple etc. Would love it id people viewed themselves as a “we” in relation to those companies.