Do we underestimate Montreal?

Do we suffer from overconfidence or lack of focus this week?

I would be surprised if coach Steinauer would let that happen.

Should be over confident. I am, shouldn’t matter in the W/L column.

Expect to win, and show it on the field.

What is up in regards to the Simoni suspension…any news??

I haven’t heard from Hank lately , for whatever reason he isn’t returning my calls . I also tried phoning Commissioner Ambrosie but his secretary told me that he’s out of the country at the moment . Apparently from what she said he is in Togo Togo looking for more Global players and a possible TV contract with the local villagers there . ;DI tell ya what if I hear from either one of them I’ll be sure to let you know ASAP . ;D;)

You guys don’t have to worry about the Alouettes! Johnny expects your Ticats to win easily. :frowning:

I never relax until after the game. The Cats seem to have a knack for stubbing their toes in the “easy ones?, and blowing the “should wins?. Hope that Orlondo will cure that.

  1. Who’s “we”.

  2. Team is 2-0 and looks good. What we demand and what we expect. So what attitude are we supposed to have heading into a game?

Quiet confidence. Take a page from the Raptors attitude. It’s one game no different than other ones. Just win. Get on with the next one.

Made my day.

I’m feeling very, very confident. Perhaps overconfident.

Sure hope I don’t have a bad game and cause us to lose on Friday.

This Home and Home series reminds me of the back to back we had with Regina last year.

We had beaten Winnipeg and Edmonton; Sask had lost and were without their starting Qb.

I thought for sure cats would sweep the series- we got swept by a very smart and creative coach …and Thigpen.

…now the good news is, not only is Montreal bad & starting QB out, but they don’t have a creative coach or Thigpen…so losing these games would be a new low.
Lets hope we bring our A game.

(Was hoping Simoni would serve these two games and be back for Calgary)

Almost a sure bet, Montreal is not underestimating Hamilton.

So who exactly is extraordinarily loud and over confident and looking past the next game and thus speaks for the entire fanbase and franchise ?

The entire premise is asinine.

I think ( hope) no. IMO our coaches are too good this year to let that happen.

Well coached teams do not under estimate any opponent. The rule of thumb…any given Sunday. Play hard and play fast.

  1. “We” is the Tiger Cats! Duh!
  2. That no team or game is a gimme in this league and it’s easy to fall in to that mind set after a 50 point win.

a) Coach O (and staff) will keep the players firmly focused on the job ahead

b) Montreal may not be as bad as they were - especially with Sherman gone who always looked rather lost on the sideline BUT

c) The larks aren’t as good as the Ticats

Conclusion - I don’t expect a blowout (didn’t expect one in TO either - thought it would be a close game) but I DO expect a win. The key is to start quickly and build a lead since the larks may be a bit sluggish coming off a bye week. Put the pedal to the metal and don’t let up!


We shouldn’t (underestimate Montreal). I think they outperformed Hamilton in Week 1, losing on the road, by just a converted TD to one of the CFL’s top ranked teams, QB’d by the league’s player of that week. Although they lost their starting QB, to injury, during the game, MTL’s offence was more productive that night when Adams took over. He was highly ranked by June Jones and others, here, just a year ago and, although he’s only started 4 games in his CFL career, he led his team to victory in 3 of them. I’ve heard the Cats are 14-pt. favourites. I’d certainly be afraid of that spread, if I was thinking of putting some dollars down, and I’ll be more surprised by another blowout performance by the TiCats than losing for the first time this season.

Togo ?? ;D ;D ;D Bobo is the man !

As for the Als, they will be missing 2 Canadian starters on the Defence : Loffler (safety) and Lokombo ( LB ). Hopefully the Cats will exploit those 2 areas.

I have no clue as to how the Als will stack up against the Good Guys. Weather could be a factor ( thank you Captain Obvious).

Pat Lynch ( a one point victory would be fine )

Winds up to 50+ km/hr.!