Do we still try to finish 1st or just rest our guys?

WELL, if we beat Ottawa next week we are back tied with them in points.
Ottawa then would play Friday against Toronto the following week and we don’t play until Saturday.
So IMO the team goes 100% next week at home and then for the 1st time in 100 years I will outwardly root for the Argos to take down Ottawa in their season finale.
If the Redblacks defeat Toronto then we rest our guys against Montreal. If Toronto wins we take down Johnny M and take the East and the bye.

Always try for 1st.

As if Toronto is not aware this game means more to the Cats than to them. And please tell me they’re not going to lay down faster than Stormy Daniels in the back of Trump’s limo.

Ar hole players are playing for their jobs for next season. Two hungry QBs for instance. I don’t see them laying down

  1. If that last game against Montreal means a first place finish for the Cats, you had better be
    prepared for Johnny Football getting his revenge against the Cats !! :-[

And don’t kid yourself, Manziel will play his best game of the year, and throttle the Cats right in
THF to eliminate the Cats from a first place finish ::slight_smile:

It’s called payback time, and what an embarrassment it would be for the Cats :-[ :-[

The Argos themselves as players want to win a game more than screwing over the Ticats.

They don’t care about the rivalry as players.

If Bob Young agrees to smooch the butt of MLSE Chairman Larry Tanenbaum, perhaps something can be worked out. ;D

“You PLAY to WIN the GAME!!!”

I can’t bring myself to cheer for the blew team.
I WILL cheer for the TWOCOLOURS to not win or tie though… :o 8) :-*

I think the RB will use all of their starters. I hope the D, within the rules of course, crushes Harris and their receivers. Play to win…send a message.

With Banks out, I expect Jones will use both Green and White in there. He said as much.

I bet Montreals starting QB is not JF in their final game here …,you have to think he hasn’t impressed enough to earn the high salary due next season with Als …

He’s currently tied with Drew Willy for most TD passes this year for the Als with a grand total of 3 . :stuck_out_tongue:
Now that’s impressive . ;D ::slight_smile:

But Manziel is clearly in the lead with three TD passes from a Heisman winner. Combined total for the rest of the league: zero.

THIS ^^^^