Do We Still Stand A Chance?

is it possible for us at all to make it?? if so how would we do it.. whats the math here..

Dont sell the farm. :wink:

Yes we still have a chance at the first overal pick, we're in a good spot, we control our own destiny, as long as they remain focused we should get it.

7-2 to have a shot, IMHO.

Possible? We aren't road warriors, and at home we have been an embarrassment, offensively speaking.

Methinks not, unfortunately.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thing is, Russ, we've won as many on the road as at home this season...

Yes you do stand a chance, but it depends on who start getting back on track first.

You are one game behind 3rd place.

In the West, both the 3rd and the 4th place teams have as many points as our 3rd place team.

Hamilton just has to be better than Toronto and the West 4th place team. If Toronto and either Saskatchewan or Edmonton stall, you can step in front and get in the post season.

You could even get there with a record as ugly as 6-12 if the other teams stay this bad.

I wouldn't call that coming in by the big door, but you would at least be there.

Just don't scratch yourself off yet. Others struggle too.