Do we still boo O'Shea at his Hall of Fame Induction at THF?

What do you think Tiger Town?

No Booing required , we'll just throw stuff at him instead . :wink: :lol:

Boo him when he is an opponent. Cheer for him when his talents are being recognized. A Canadian, and a player, derserves the accolades. I won't be booing!

I won't boo, but I won't cheer either...

I am REALLY torn on this one. He actually enjoys the boos. I suppose that the best thing to do would be to boo him and then change to cheers if it could somehow be arranged. Not likely though...

The most hated opponent and biggest traitor of ALL time

He turned his back on the fans and a franchise that gave him a start. He Sucks............. I will not cheer for him.

For me... it's Joe Kapp.

The last couple years of his playing career, he was constantly attempting to pull off the helmets of opposing players during tackles. A guy like that should be in jail.

How about just showing him what real class is with a little applause; give him his moment, and it' s over. That would be more impactful than any amount of disdain towards him; that's just me though. :thup:

:thup: :thup:

I'd like to say I don't care enough to boo, but it's just as likely that instinct will take over :twisted:


Life’s too short to waste years holding grudges.

Agree. As much as I have little respect for O'Shea and the way he treated Hamilton and its fans, booing him would say more about Hamilton fans than him and just make us look bad.

IMO we would just be lowering ourselves to his level of disrespect.

I consider the HOF too sacred to tarnish an induction with my petty grudge. But the instinct might take over...

I agree with Longtimefan and Garney26 take the high road on this, cheer and respect those individuals selected to be in the CFL Hall of Fame and demonstrate the class of Tiger-Town!!

NO, I will not be booing him for this event. All others times YES

I agree a short round of polite applause is appropriate

I suppose another reaction would be silence. Don't appear rude by booing, don't appear supportive by cheering. Just show indifference.

Having said that, I'll probably do the "polite applause" thing - briefly.

Total, silent ignoring, or one-handed applause. The guy's no friend of ours.