Do we really want this team to make the playoffs??

After the Edmonton game I decided that this team would embarrass itself and the fans if they made the playoffs
Now it looks like I don't have to worry about that now.

I didn't watch the game tonight because I knew the outcome, and I didn't need the stress.

It's time to rebuild, start by playing the 2nd and third string QB's and quite wishing for Edmonton to falter. :cowboy:

The funny thing is, if we do make the playoffs, we actually have a chance. Toronto and Montreal have not been playing very well lately.

If the offense from the beginning of the years shows up and a defense that can get the odd 2 and out, we can win.

But in reality, this team ain't making the playoffs.

This team is NOT making the play offs. In fact...I believe the Bombers will win enough games to take 3rd in the east. As far as I can see...too many players on the Ticats have quit.

Too much change and too much reliance on rookies IMO. I'd probably bring in an experienced DC and focus on improving the talent on defenseive line and defensive backs. Team will likely need a RB as well if Avon hangs it up. Boyd would be a good fit with Hamilton IMO.

I'm now at the point that i hope we finish last, which is a distinct possibility.

That would be the 5th time in the 9 year caretaker era.

Also Cortez 's attitude is that this is a building year for him and he has another 3 years to make a winner out of this team.

Don't you guys get that feeling from him?????????????????????????????? :cowboy: :cowboy:

It is frustrating. We entered the year with such promise, yet we can't pull it all together.

We can't accuse Bob Young for lack of effort though, as on paper, we should have been a contender....At the end of the day, without the caretaker, we would not have a team today. We sometime fail to remember that. Bob wants to win as much as we do, which must be absolutely beyond frustrating for him....

I' think the players stopped playing for Cortez. Long ago

I want ticats in the playoffs. They finish off with a supposed easier schedule than esks. They only need to win one more game than esks. Thats very doable. They have shown they can beat als and argos. With a miracle improvement, by just a little bit, they can surprise and at least make it to the game. I would like them to have that chance.

gonna be an uphill battle for anyone to beat whoever comes out of the west.

No doubt, if I was the opposition or their fans I’d want us in the playoffs too. :slight_smile:

I agree with Alan Cooper....we can still make the playoffs.
Whether we "deserve it" or not...I want this team to be there.
Anything can happen after that.


Did anyone else find it incredibly stupid that they played "Ticats are Hummin" after the 2 td's in garbage time even though the team was getting smoked? :roll:

I think this attitude is reflected in the comments made by Avon that the team's intensity and work ethics are not where they should be for their present situation. You could read into this that they have given up, as nothing they do seems to work. Now is the time for the coach to separate the men from the boys and put some players in who really want to play

If they have stopped playing for Cortez, fine, but they should at least play for their pride and most of all, THE FANS!!! THEIR SUPPORTERS!!! THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THE BILLS!!!

IMO, this team is very close to being a chamionship team.
The offence is the most potent in the league, and if not for being paired with the worst defence in the history of sports, they'd likely be on top of the east division.

This team has more offensive weapons than it needs or can use.
I'd cut loose Chevy walker ( who has proven useless other than 3 nice runs this year ) and giguare and perhaps some other receivers, like Jones and use that money to bring in some strong defensive talent. And a new OC.

Hopefully cortez learned a lot from his first year as HC and improves greatly next season.

I'd keep Burris, Cobourne, Fantuz, Stalla, Williams and Grant for next year for sure. And congi, of course.

Methinks you are mistaken. I'm pretty sure that was "TiCats are Bummin.'"

Sure I hope they make the playoffs. But if they do, I expect them to make an early exit. They aren't good enough to go very far. Montreal and Toronto aren't lighting it up this season, but they're both better than the Tiger-Cats.

Three points in three quarters! Two and out all night long. Defence on the field way too long. This may have worked with the great defensive teams of the sixties. But I just don't see any players like Mosca, Barrow, Henley, etc,et,etc, on this team. The offense with all that talent has to do better. Maybe if they get eliminated early, the backup quarterbacks will get a chance. Then again the coach has a very close relationship with bad Hank.

R u serious? The cat's defence gave up 17 points their first 4 times on the field. They allowed the lions to nikle and dime them the length of the field all night from the start.
They were on the field so long because they couldn't get a stop. Ever.
The cat's offence would have needed to score a touchdown on every possession just to have a chance.
The early hole meant the offensive game plan goes out the window early, and are now forcing big plays all night. Hence, the 2-and-outs. It became very predictable for the lions defence, knowing the cats would be passing every down.

Sometimes I wonder if you fans see more than the highlights and final score before discussing the games. :roll:

Time of possession was an incredible 2-1 ratio ( almost)

Almost 40 minutes to 20.

Will they make the playoffs? No
Do they deserve to make the playoffs? No

Such a shame, because there are some good individual players on the 2012 team, based on stats: