Do we not need and improved pass rush like new import defensive ends

I am interested in your thoughts on whether we need new defensive ends to increase our 4 man pass rush. Coleman and the return of Laurent this week gives is decent push up the middle but our DE’s Capicciotti and Tracy are not providing enough pressure on the qb and not beating the offensive tackle one on one for a sack . This is a big reason why Ricky Ray picked us apart at the end of last game . We should not have to rely on a blitz to get to the qb all the time . I am shocked that we don’t have an import DE on our practice roster and why we have not tried to get one from NFL cuts .ot trades with other CFL teams . I think Capicciotti is a heck of a good national but he doesn’t provide enough pass rush nor does Tracey . I am sure we are a last in QB sacks and we won’t be able to be a winning team with these two ends

What is you opinion ?

Sure eh? 100%?

Try third in the league...

And the D has turned around in a big way in the last month. And this was without who i consider our best defensive player Ted Laurent out with injury.

BlackandGold ..I am not talking about the entire D i was talking about the pass rush we have from our 2 DE's ...currently , in my opinion we have weakest DE's in the league and have no depth at that position as well after letting go Chick and trading negotiatin list DEMike McAdoo who played a bit with Dallas and is like 6-7

I just don't see the front 4 DE's getting to the QB..I see Coleman and Laurent creating push and the odd sack but most of our sacks would be due to blitzes not a DE beating and OT one on one ......

If we want to win , I feel we need to upgrade our 2 DE positions

Well, as you know, it's always easier to just assume the Ticats are the worst at everything and then put it down in writing on a public forum, than it is to look up the facts.

Need to improve the Dline and secondary. Defensive coaches as well, one would think.

Sacks are overrated. QB pressures is probably a more vital stat.

As an aside, we are getting Ted Laurent back this week which is great for our dline and great for our defence and ratio. Also , our weakest db washington is hurt for awhile so we will likely see unamba back in at cb which is great news as he was playing lights out much like leonard has been . and brooks has been doing ok . Kanneh did not get burned much last game so he must have been doing something right .

Our defence should be better this week because of the two changes mentioned . The development of Courtney , Coleman , Whitlock and Dean are all keys as well as they are all getting better each game .
Whitlock seems to make a few big plays each game in limited playing time …Dean was a beast last game with great tackling and positioning and anticipation …Coleman like Laurent is a best in the middle against the run and pass and i’d say we have the best DT’s in the league . Courtney has been greta the last 2 games making big plays like interceptions and sacks …he is taking the next step learning how to blitz efficiently and how to read the qb and help the right db in a timely fashion . I also notice he seldome gets called on pass interference which shows he is smart , Washington had been getting multiple pass interference calls in the last few games while Leonard , Brooks and Unamba don’t seem to get pass interference calls .

Eman Davis has not been playing so well of late . I hope he gets back to his old all star self.

IMHO The Reason We are being Picked Apart by Good QB'Is because we're not getting enough pressure on the QB.
Sure we've got good pressure up the Middle but we haven't had a decent rush end since the days of Montford and to a certain extent Cheatwood.
In those days we led the league in sacks and interceptions made and Fumbles caused.
Not a hard one to figure out.

This is exactly what i am saying we need a cheatwood type DE at least one that can get to the qb

We need a Joe Munford and a Grover Covington style of players. And good measures Mike Campbell and a Philbrick for good measures. And last but not least Tim Coefield.

Mike Walker and Angelo Moscow too...
And 6 Earl Winfields as receivers/kick returner...

Too funny?
Another annoying thread with much added humour to make it bearable....get it...bearable....I kill me!!

Our pass rush, or lack thereof near the end of games has been a major reason for our losing close games or games we are leading. Eg Ray was allowed to pick us apart in Argo game. A berter pass rush would have ensured a bettet outcome.
Blitz the heck out of Wpg this week!!!!

I agree. A solid pass rush that forces qb hurries and mixed with sacks gives the back 5 more time to cover.

I agree 100 % with whatSlomojo2005has said.

Who exactly is "Angelo Moscow"? Some Russian player I've never heard of I guess.

To your credit, that's the one highlight of this ridiculous thread.

LOL - I blame auto-correct...

BTW - Who''s that Munford guy?