Do we need Zeke?

Just saw that Zeke Moreno has been released by TO…I think we should pick him up…thoughts??

You've lost 2 MLBs in a row over the past two seasons, so there is sure a vacancy, unless they are going to commit to McCullough in the middle. Depending on ratio, it might not be a bad idea to bring him into training camp for a look-see.

ah you guys will get rey back, no worries

That's probably a fair assessment - I think Rey was signed to a futures contract, which is about as low on the totem pole as you can get contract-wise, in the NFL.

We know McCullough is a capable, if not outstanding LB. MY bigger question is what the plans are for Kye Stewart. He's built almost identically to Kitwana Jones, and looked like a player before he got hurt. He's only 25. If he's 100% I'd really be tempted to give him a shot in that spot, with Mike as the ever-present safety blanket.

Actually I think there is a chance Rey Williams stays, because he has 3 years NFL experience they have to give him a larger contract than the kind they give to "training camp bodies"

Storm Kirschenbaum, Williams' agent, stated the following;

"There is the perception that he's just another training-camp body,'' said Kirschenbaum. "People don't realize that when you have three years in the league, they have to sign the player to a minimum of three credit seasons. They aren't going to waste their money on a guy they think is a camp body.''

IMO Rey's gone for good.

As far as Zeke is concerned. Bring him to camp, Give him a shot as a one year stop-gap.

I would go with McCullough and see if anyone can take the job away from him. Stewart and Freeman are a pretty good pair of backups. As I've said before, I think they are going to be stars in this league!

I'd rather put the money into someone younger.

I think it was Artie who said Kye is going to be the next big name linebacker. Whoever it was that said that, I agree 100%. He is going to be a good one. I think Freeman will also be a consistent linebacker for us for the next few years. I am not comfotable at all with giving MM the starting job. He is a depth guy at best. IMO if he wasn't Canadian, he wouldn't be long gone. However I do enjoy watching him at practice because his knowledge of the game is unreal. He will make a great coach one day. He just has not shown enough to be a starter. He usually seems to be one step behind and the big thing for me is he misses too many open field tackles. Bring Zeke to camp and give him a shot.

How's your pass coverage? Zeke has been (don't know if he's slowed) a standout against the run. Against the pass with a quick receiver there are problems.

Some would say that it is because he is Canadian he can only be a depth guy. Are you sure you aren't one of them??? :?