Do we need this?

I just wanted to see what y’all think of this idea being used in Cincinnati, and if it would work here.

CINCINNATI – Bengals fans annoyed by bad behavior in the stands can now report it by cellphone.

The hot line number should be easy to remember – (513) 381-JERK.

Fans using too much foul language will first get a warning from stadium security. Those who continue could be ejected and have their season tickets and personal seat licenses revoked. More serious offenses could lead to arrest.

I need to get that as my phone number.

we need a Security or event staff that do their jobs properly, not a "whiner line"

I would be all for it!

A hotline number directly to stadium security personnel would give fans
who are being subjected to improper behaviour a sense of empowerment
and, over time, it would very likely help reduce incidents of misbehaviour.

Thanks for pointing this out, Drexl.

or be constantly subjected to prank calls, or people who get annoyed easily...

i'm fairly sure i know about twenty people who would all call the line on eachother just to get the others in trouble and watch hillarity ensue.

Gee...Do ya figure??? :thup:

Espo makes some good points. Wouldn't the jerks figure out to flood the hot line with bogus calls just to deflect their own reports?

The TiCats employ CAT/security people and if someone truly deserves to be spoken to or removed then the best recourse is to report the offenders in person.

Otherwise it will be just like the whinning that goes on here after games (ex: the hotdog guy was mean to me; the popcorn guy didn't take my order; the Hooters girl didn't give me her phone number (true story)).

Of course if the beer line is too long, not cold, or runs out, then I'm the first guy on here to biatch.

Hotline for jerks you say?

Could you report an entire box?

yeah, I wanna report the whole winnipeg stadium :twisted: :lol:

Specially when they chant BC s.u.c.k.s. They should all be permanently banned for that :lol: :lol:

interesting.....J for jerk

box "" J ""....Jerk y boys :wink:

That sounds like an even better reason to bring in the hot line.

Even if the CAT/Security people end up responding to numerous false alarms,
that will make their presence more evident than it is now standing on guard.

This (513) 381-JERK phone # is a very worthwhile tool.

I am all for putting it on the CAT/Security people's tee shirts
so that fans can call them when they are being annoyed.

I get annoyed quite often reading whinny posts on this site. Will there be a hot-line for that too?

Ex: "Hi, Bob? It's Ockham, again. Ya, another "Breaking News" post...what's that...just ignore it...Ok...but what about this "Bring Back Brady"'re kidding! Then I'm not renewing my seasons tickets!!!!!!

Standing around in a crowded stadium wearing a t-shirt that says Jerk on it - now that's gotta be one of the worst jobs someone can have.

I wann report Ockham for being a s.h.i.t desturber :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I think this would be a bigger mess then it would be success. A lot of people dislike each other, and someone that says one vulgar word would get thrown out A.S.A.P. Let the 'CAT' team do their thing (though they don't do it very well)

Hi, Jerk hotline? I wanna report someone who is really bothering me. Yeah, the guy in the blue :wink:

My vote is for the short guy with the HUGE teeth (wearing blue on the sidelines)

Seems to me this idea was tried a number of years ago. You could just pick up a phone and report somebody for annoying you or speaking out. They would then be arrested and taken away. I can't recall when exactly, can anyone help me on this one.

I wanna report the guy on the field in the zebra shirt. The @%^%##%%^ keeps making obscene gestures at me :x :x