Do we need Schultzy's life story

I was around and I stop in sometimes to see what kind of article Schultz has to put in. When I went by today there was something about coffee and trying to fatten Dave Randorf up. Anyways, I found it a complete waste of time. Couldn't he have done something like the Als/Eskies trade? The Bomber/Argos game? BC still being perfect? or the upcoming BC - Edmonton game. At least something in the means of football.


Geeze, I only had to read the first 4 words before I closed it.

Duthie and Onrait usually put in good articles.
I've always felt kind of proud that someone was able to go from a small show at A-Channel Manitoba (now CityTV) and make in a big network.

ROFLMAO!!! I have never read such a lame article in my whole life (and I read a lot!)

This is pure shlt. But I have to share with you some tasty excerpts.

«Dave Randorf sometimes joins us, but his stomach is sensitive, so his java has to have skim milk not cream. To me, that is not the same. Maybe Dave is one of those guys who are lactose intolerant and won't admit it because he feels he is less of a man because of it.»

And now, the nominees for the "Didn't-you-always-want-to-know-that Award"...

«Now Jock Climie never drinks coffee, and it is impossible to influence him to drink it. Now that I think of it, it is difficult to influence Climie to do anything that doesn't have a purpose. He is an interesting guy that way, pragmatic, structured and disciplined. If the world was going to end tomorrow, I would like Jock to tell me. I know he would tell me in perfect English.»

Is this just me or is the conclusion of this paragraph makes no sense at all (beside being uninteresting, of course).

«Once the game starts, the majority of the time Jock and Dave grab something to eat. Matt occasionally gets some food as well. Me, I sit and stare at the T.V. because I have the deep fear that by halftime I won't have anything to say, so every play is an opportunity to alleviate fear for myself.»

If only he was also afraid not to have anything intelligent to write...

«When Matt goes to eat with Jock and Dave, I don't know what goes on in that cafeteria, but whenever Dave comes back, he also has more food than he would normally have than if he had just gone with Jock.»

I always wanted to know that too. Talk about interesting facts.

«I have a good idea of how Dave will introduce a subject, and what Matt and Jock will say, but when the moment comes on live T.V., I have no idea what they are saying... I know the subject matter, but I can't hear the words. Dave could be talking to me and by the end of it say "and Chris, you are the biggest dumb bozo I have ever met'. At that point, I would probably say, "That's right Dave," and move on to what I was going to say anyway.»

He's working on TV and can't listen to what's being said. He needs help.

...And he publicly admits he acts like this. He needs professional help.

«Maybe it's because I find live T.V. stressful that I drift off into my own little world.»

Get yourself another job dude. Go tackle hunger somewhere...

«Sometimes I wonder what would happen to the four of us if he had never been involved in football. If by a twist of fate, sports in general were not an attraction during youth. I think Dave would have been a high school teacher. He would teach biology or something. »

... what's the freakin' point of this?...

«Matt would run a construction company that would eventually build something taller than the CN Tower in Georgia just for fun.»

... hhhh-hmmm...

«Jock I think would become a politician. He likes to ask questions and give answers. I can see huge press conferences everywhere.»

I guess that's what politicians do in Shultz "own little world".

«Me, I have no idea. Maybe a lumber jack in Northern Ontario, or a bus driver in Windsor.»

It's never too late, buddy.

«Without football you can be sure that I would have a big void to filland no reason to drink coffee.»

ROFLMAO! I guess the worst column ever had to have the worst conclusion. This was pathetics all the way.

I think Jock would be a lawyer
Oh wait is is one now.
You would think Shutlz wold know that

Sorry, 3/10, but the English teacher in me just has to come out here. You wondered if it was just you, or if the conclusion of that paragraph made no sense. I hate to burst your bubble, but in a round-about way, it does make perfect sense. He was talking about Climie being pragmatic (wonder how many reference books he needed to consult for that word), structured, and disciplined, which fits perfectly with the honesty and abruptness required to tell a person the world is ending. Therefore, even though Schultz appears as a total schmuck (coincidence that the first three letters are the same? - I think not. . .), he does have some twisted logic there.

That being said, I think Schults is an idiot, and it was all but proven by his article.

Well would he understand this(Shutlz)

The world wil end at 9 PM today
9:30 in Newfoundland

I don't know, 1313 - you didn't sound as disciplined as Climie would have there. . .

IMO the worst part is that he admit not listening to the others guys. If i were his boss i would be looking for a replacement, but again, if i were his boss, i would not have hire him.

Yeah - that part about him listening surprised me. If anyone, I would have thought Dunigan would be the one not listening - he seems to "know" everything anyway. . .

Schultz would like to be told the world is coming to an end by a guy who can't be influenced in drinking coffee.

Though I see the logic in you explanation, I think Schultz' train-of-thoughts wandered a bit to much. Using such examples to back-up pointless facts doesn't add any depth to his... shall I say argument?... It just makes the reader wonder why he adds any more weight on something you already don't know why you are being told.

So true.

And how do you think Randorf likes to be called a low self-esteemed lactose intolerant thin man?

Lol i bet he didnt like that at all !

Make me wonder what this guy think writing stuff like that...