Do we need a Field Goal Kicker

Heading in to the second half of the season and playoffs - do we need a more reliable kicker?

Congi seems to make the long ones that are straight on, but every time the ball is around the 2o yard line at an angle - I cringe - he has missed too many.

Kicking is a big part of the game - need reliability.

Well, it is true that he's been spotty on the short ones, many of which should have been gimmes. But on the other hand, when he lines up for a 45-yarder, I have the exact opposite feeling - he ain't gonna miss.

I think it too early to push the panic button. His rookie season proves that he has the mechanics, he's just got to get them settled. But if Austin wants to send a message, he will have Boreham kick FGs for a game - doesn't cost us a thing, no roster moves, but effective.

Jamie Boreham.

Ya I agree make him earn those kicking duties.

The problem, of course, is that Boreham is wildly erratic as a field goal kicker. All he might do is show Luca how little he has to worry about in terms of immediate competition.

Many kickers in the CFL struggle from the right hash mark, ironically moreso from the middle distances than at a distance, as it becomes a sharper angle.

It's a mechanical thing that he needs to work out.

I know he is young, and he will eventually be more consistent - BUT if we have the team to go all the way - but one of our weapons is sub-par.
Then fix it.

I think Tillman should be looking around (down south or ??) and if Congi does not get consistent in the next couple games - we have to get a kicker that is.

Too many cfl games are won or lost by kicking!

Well, remember he's a Canadian, though. If you take him out for an import, then not only do you have to sit another import for a Canadian body, you've got to start another Canadian somewhere else. You theoretically could impact 2 other positions and 4 other players by going with a US kicker.

The Riders will be fine with Congi just kicking field goals this season.

If you guys let Boreham kick you will lose!!!!!!!

Well he is leading the league in kicking points. I would like to see him doing better than 70%. The fact is that his average is better than most regular kickers in the league.

So I do not see the need to panic at the moment.

One aspect of the Congi/Boreham combo is they can credibly back up each other on kicks & punts should one get injured.
Congi might of cost us one game (Edm) but I too see no reason to panic

Good question. Before we got Holmes I would have said yes. A American kicker for Childs. Not now. Murphy will take JA's place. Not sure how we get a American kicker on the roster. What American should go if Congi keeps missing them?

If you were to bring in an import kicker you'd have to do away with both Boreham and Congi.

And I would guess they would try to add a non import to the O-line.

Congi is staying, there's no way he has lost his job over a few missed fg's. Look around the league, all the field goal percentages are way down. Why do we have to be so cut throat?

We are fine at kicker.

I say lets not lose faith in Congi yet....

No kidding. You know you have a good kicker when he has above average stats, and peopla are worried he has lost it.... lol

That kicker for the u of s huskys was kicking mid forty yarders with ease last night against u of a, maybe we will see him in ragina as a pro. Looked impressive!

No! Congi is the man for the job without a doubt because, his average may be down, but so is everybody's, so unless we bring in an NFL cut there really isn't another option, this isn't to say we should go after this in fact this is to say other than the Great Congi, an NFL cut is the only option, but Congi has my vote of confidence.

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Douce. An NFL cut? CFL kickers are more talented than their NFL counterparts IMO.

The Hash marks are way wider than the posts, unlike the NFL.
Most CFL Kickers are able to Kick and Punt effectively.
The longest NFL field goal was 63 yards, The longest CFL field goal was 62 yards (I bet he had 3 feet clearance on that 62 yarder).
CFL kickers often have to run down field to try to recover their own punt
And make tackles on the chance that they miss FGs.