Do we know who's starting at QB yet?

So do we know if it’s Jason Maas or Timmy Chang?

Wait a minute, can I play? I bet you $100 that I can not get any touchdowns and end up getting blown out! I’ll even pay THEM to let me play.

i am hoping it will be timmy chang

but no we dont no yet

Check around 7 p.m. tomorrow. LOL

I have heard Maas got more reps the last couple of days in practice. If that is a correct indicator, it will be the Maas Leash Watch, Week Three.

Oski Wee Wee,

I’m tired of the leash… time to let the big dog play…

Some of us should have been through this scenario before

When a starting QB's performance repeatedly falls short,
the coach supports him in the press to boost his confidence

A vote of confidence TO TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF HIM
is issue by the Head Coach despite the fact that
he is privately becoming increasingly disappointed.

After the coach gives him a few more
votes of confidence and no improvement

the coach changes to the tactic

He says the starter will be chosen

depending on which QB has performed
the best during the week's practice.

and next game's starter will
not be named until game time.

Invariably, as the Coach expected,
the first string QB steps up enough
not to lose his starting QB job,

Such will be the case this week, folks,
or I will be a monkey's uncle. :smiley:

You've got it there Ron :thup:

I'm waiting till after game 4 to give my rant though!

(hopefully by then things are straightened out...but after BC :roll: Gaw'd they look good :? )

If ever a team was "ripe for the pickin's" it's Montreal "Right Now"! :wink:

just saw it on tsn, maas gets the start.

Maas is starting? Unless it rains, and we're forced to run the ball more, we're doomed to go 0-3.

If Maas starts we are doomed to lose against the worst team in the CFL

i've never wanted rain for a game before, but if it gets lumsden, holmes more touches, let it rain. i would love to see the cats start to play a little smashmouth football like the old days. lumsden is big enough to take the pounding (i hope). keep pounding the ball. eventually the opposing d should get tired (in theory). maybe the oline begins to "gel" IF we have success running the ball, which in turn opens up the passing attack lol.

If Maas starts and we go 0-3 today (even if he is pulled) then the criticism on the QB situation will likely move to Charlie. We have all seen enough of Maas in this past year to know he can't produce...yet they still continue to start games with him.
Better they start Chang..and if he can't do anything, go with Williams or Maas. That will get Charlie off the hook and also give us a fighting chance to win tonights game. I think Williams has enough going for him to replace Chang as the QB of the future if Chang does not work out.
But...from what I could gather on that terrible sportscast on CHCH last night it looks as if Maas will start.

No, no....YOU are the worst team in the CFL. You proved that last season and the first two games this year.

I will say this though. The Cats are going in the right direction while the Als are on the decline. Their key guys are getting old and they miss Matthews.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have no idea whether we a the worst or not. So far we haven't seen the best team on the field or a gameplan that optimizes our assets. We do seem to have the worst coacing staff in the league yet again

I am!

I am flying in from Vancouver to start at QB for the Cats and I won't settle for less than 400 yards passing. :slight_smile:

I think it's an indictment on Maas' true character if he all of a sudden pulls up his socks only when being directly challenged. What kind of a professional attitude is that? Please, end this comedy with Maas, give up the denial, and move toward real future progress. Maas is an extremely boring horizontally challenged pivot trying to impersonate a CFL quarterback.

Yes i know, it's Jason Maas