Do we have what it takes?

Okay, here we go 3 games to go in the regular season and one win away from clinching a home playoff game. Looking where our team is at now, being relatively healthy do we have all the components to a) go to the Grey Cup and b) win it all.

The defense still has me a little nervous as they seem to give up an awful lot of passing yardage lately. The offense looks impressive except for those lulls in the game when Kerry gets too conservative and cannot seem to find any open receivers. I trust that our coaching staff will be able to correct these weaknesses.

I beleive we can do it this year. What does everyone else think?


We are Rider fans, of course we think they can!

We have beat Every single team in the league. Of course we can do it.

I am a little nervous about beating Calagry I think we will be okay if everyone in the stands chants BUUUUUURRRRRRIIIIIIIISSSSSSS hahahahaha

I believe that there is a God, and He is wearing green.

hell ya we've got more than enough. there's no reason to think that we can't.

For sure we are capable of winning it all but it's by no means going to be easy.

I am also a little nervous about the D but they've still got 3 more games to get back to form and I think they will. I've also noticed the lulls in the offense, that's when KJ needs to tuck the ball in and take off with it a couple of times to get back into the game. If they could ever fire on all cylinders for a full 60 minutes it would be scary.