do we have too many Rookie Coaches ??

I am worried that our Coaching staff is Too Raw...
we have a Rookie OC & DC
But the on that worries me the most is Coach Doug Malone who never coached in Pro's Just the NCAA.
He is the Key to making Our OC Look good
If the OLine Dose not work the Offence dose not work..

I have a major Problems Considering our OL Being coached by a raw rookie .
The other coach have atleast been in the league
They just not ever been a OC or DC
Coach Bellefeuille can help our Coaches do there job Well.
As for Coach Malone
I am hoping after I meet our New Line coach
I will watch him work at camp
Maybe that changes.

anyone else worried ..
I have a bad Gut Feeling and don' like it

Alouettes - Trestman

need I say more ? :wink:

... personally, I'm worried more about this endless cold weather and when all my friends are getting back from their tropical vacations (which, sadly, I can't afford right now)....... instead of coaches :wink:

I wouldn't be to worried, new blood is good. The other teams will take most of the season trying to figure these guys out. Just look what T.O. did last yr..


Jim Barker is not new

Not worried.

Bellefeuille has been an OC. Jones has been around long enough as a starting QB to know offences. Glenn is a veteran.

Brad Miller, the new special teams coach and assistant head coach, has been a DC in the past, and that should help if need be. He's got 25 years coaching experience, 12 of those in the CFL.

Barker is not new but some of his coaching staff were.
Their rookie coachs out coached our vetern coachs in the final game of the yr.

I agree with the Captain on this, there is alot of experience behind the inexperience of the coordinators.

Obie and Marcel know what they are doing.

8) Doug Malone is not a raw rookie to the CFL game.
 He was a guest coach at last years Calgary training camp, where I'm sure he learned a lot about this league.

 I'm sure he wouldn't have been hired by Marcel, without an endorsement  from Hufnagel.


I think people did read the poll right Dose new coaching staff have your Confidence

if you voted no your sayyng no they don't
Yes is they do

I know you have issues with writing so I just want to mention that "dose" means taking medication. Just switch the s and e around for does.

I have made unfair cracks at you in the past and that isn't right so I figure if I am going to say anything from now on it will be to help you.

Tom, I think this poll is flawed. You ask two questions, one in the title of the tread and then another for the poll. An answer in the affirmative in one contradicts the other.

By the written responses it sounds like people have confidence in the coaching staff. Everyone's a rookie at some point in their career. Many of us voiced a desire for change in the coaching staff and we got it. Let's give these guys a chance before we bring out the knives.

In Obie I trust.

Oops! Two different questions in one poll. Didn't notice.

I answered the question in the title, not the question in the poll which results in the opposite answer. :?

No it don't medication it brain Injury I just have to live it

The short answer: it depends on the people in those positions, not that they are rookies per se. Cory Chamblin has been a successful postion coach in the Stamps system and Khari Jones has been a MOP as a QB in this league. Both men have been identified as talented contributors as coaches to this point, so stepping up to coordinator status will be a transition. I am confident that Obie and Marcel will provide the necessary support system to allow them to flourish while helping out whenever bumps in the road occur.

Time will tell of course. Great coordinators need a start sometime, so I'm less wary of the gestation process when a clear direction is set out in all three phases of the team. Given where this team is, a jolt of new life/fresh blood/etc. is absolutely needed to get it over "le hump" in the East. It is a formidable hump to overcome and it will be exciting as a fan to see what course is mapped out by Marcel and co. this year.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yup i read it wrong they have my support 110% percent! I heard you have coaching experience Onknight maybe you should have called Obie to apply since you have no confidence in them!

....anything can happen in any given year despite all the expert analysis and predictions ....ergo -----> 1972

(that's why the games are played) 8)

If there was a time to change your staff, this is the year. We keep rebuilding our team and, have picked up some big names the past 3 seasons.(Glen, Floyd(even though he just retired), Baggs, Bruce, Knowlton, Stala) we could go on forever! and with the departure of marshall, we need to shake things up a bit and put in some coaches to bring a new spark to this very tallented team!!

Great post. I just hope that fans are patient if the Cats struggle out the gate. It takes time for a coordinator to put his stamp on a team. I believe that you have great football minds in both Jones and Chamblin, but Rome wasn't built in a day. :slight_smile:

I did not say that
I said I am worried Bruce .. I am sure my Fears will be address by Camp.
The players I've spoke too like both our new OC and DC and they heard Great thing about the new 0-line coach
I am just not fan of rookie coaches at the pro level.
When there where coaches with experance
we have could have hired
I do have coaching Experience
but it's at LV 2 Minor League Football
Coaching our Future Stars in the making
Kids 12 to 14
I am not Experienced enought to coach at a CFL Level