do we have to go with chang from now on

do we have to go with chang from now on? he had a so so proformence agiast the ****'s we need to get better production down in the red zone but first we need to get past our 50 yrd line and chang show that he could get us into the red zone and that he make the wheels turn when he is in there he show good decison makeing by throwing the ball away rather then forceing it down feild (other then the int by stinour) i really like jason maas but if he can't play here give him a chance some where else



Maas becomes the relief guy / second set of eyes for Chang from the sideline.

If there had been ANYTHING in terms of Maas moving the team or not looking as if he was reliving 2006 every two-and-out, I would be defending him.

Just seeing Chang command the huddle, alert the blockers to the Argos schemes, and simply showing some fire out there is enough for me.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree Chang is very active at the line and seems to be reading defenses fairly good, although he did miss the stacked line and not change a running play, but that is stuff he WILL learn from. I am impressed with his LEADERSHIP abilities for such a raw rookie

nope i disagree sorry, we need to stick with maas and have a little faith even though right now everyone is frustrated as hell.

No question. He plays with maturity and gets the job done. The offence needs a jolt and a sense of optimism that this kid brings. he is the future and the future is now.

if he keeps throwing into triple coverage he's going to give me a heart attack. :wink:

BG , He does that beacause he gets confused at not seeing alot of these coverages before . Hes young and if he keeps running around like that hes gonna get hurt and his season will be over . Play Maas and bring Chang around slowly .