Do we have good depth or not ?

KK is on his way out, we have Dorsey plus more waiting, USE THEM !!Mitchell is allways hurt and lost a step…Can u say Kitwana or Stancil USE THEM !! Grant and French are mediocre,we have Fantuz, Breeden etc. USE THEM !! Eddie seems to be losing a step, not sure who to use but changes have to be made if we are to stop these embarrassments !!!

I think the Riders have horrible depth all across the board. Kitwana looks good though.

Depth doesn't mean anything if we can't get the job done on the field! We need people to step up, or step out! This Saturday will be a good test versus the Stamps!

Depth should mean something , but only if we are willing to replace nonperforming players (vets) with the new players we have been grooming. If the only reason for making changes is injury and retirement we better start investing in walkers and canes. (Wally cut Young and sat out Warren and look what happened.)

Won't happen with Berette. His philosiphy is to let the players work it out and to move personel around. He's not hard nosed enough to be a coach.

Exactly!!! We can't keep playing guys like Szarka, Davis (both of them), Mitchell, Tounkara, then their are borderline players like Childress, and Morgan when we have Hathaway, Robinson, Kit Jones, Stancil (who is hurt), Fantuz, and Tango McCully

Eddie Davis...I love him ..But he is 33 years old, may have lost a step!!!Fred Childress is 39 (look it up)!!! Jackie Mitchell is 30,Szarka is 31(had great potential we never used right)!!Tounkara (who?) 30, career back up, past his prime, did we ever use him? !!Andrew Greene 37 playing great, but father time is going to catch up!! Big Nate, God love him is 32!! The winningest Coaches in the league (Wally and the Don) have no prob. changing players when needed!! Loyalty is great in friendships but has no place in pro sports!

Not sure if anyone was watching the game on Saturday, but when Jackie Mitchel got burned on the 94 yard bomb, Eddie Davis was the guy who gained about 10-15 yards on their reciever to push him out of bounds before he scored. Now if that is losing a step then I guess fire his ass, but to me that showed a lot of speed, strength, endurance and heart. He had to know they would probably score the TD in the next play or two but he didn't give up even though no one would have said anything had he since it wasn't his man.

Go Riders!!