Do we have DB's??

This game is brutal - no coverage - Bishop is throwing wherever he wants!!

The worst DBs in league ......... no question.

They must have some real good coaches too !!!!!!!

Do we have DBs? They are on the field most of the game. On the field getting lit up, mind you.

I liked what I saw with Tiller. Anderson made a few good hits, but got lit up at times. Gordon was not good. Roberts was worse.

Tay Cody? Dammit, give that man a medal. Looked lost at times, but when your coordinator is too busy trying to mindbend spoons in Sightlines Restaurant from the sidelines instead of calling fricken plays, a fourth-start safety (or third, I forget) is going to be left in quickstand without the name Ronald Lott.

Until Mimegate is figured out and the extent to which the defence's poor play can be traced back to O'Neil's lack of decisiveness as a playcaller, I'm going to withhold my judgement on these guys going forward for a few weeks. Seriously.

Oski Wee Wee,

The lack of a sustained pass rush on the other end from NML's side is also creating a BEEG problem. We can't blitz it seems without everybody in the park knowing we are about to blitz. The former is Marcel's responsibility to fix via recruitment, the latter is again at Ed O'Neil's doorstep.

Oski Wee Wee,

Regrettably Tay Cody isn't a Safety!! He was clearly and literally out of the picture on one of the early Argo TD's deep into the endzone and did terrible coverage on the long pass over the middle to Murphy who was behind him (while the ball was in the air) and Cody chose to ignore him and move towards Bishop. Leave Cody at DB where he plays the best. Compounding this the Defensive Co-ordinator has had a revolving door at Safety...indicating he doesn't know what to look for in this spot in the CFL or can't find one...perhaps a decisive fast punishing ballhawk anyone?? Sorry, Tay doesn't fit. No need to lament other problems such as weak corners, pass rush, and containment etc.

the sad part is that the team isnt using an all-canadian secondary, they are using a bunch of non-imports that are getting more used and abused than paris hilton on a friday night.

Lawrence Gordon's "hit" on Bishop in the 1st quarter was a classic. Sure, the Cats have DBs. The problem is that they aren't very good. Can anyone spell 'NFL cuts'?

An Argo-Cat fan

Gordon stinks!! he gives every receiver 10 to 15 yards on every play! Come on sunshine get in the receivers face and lower the boom as soon as he touches the ball !! He'll be listening for footsteps next time instead of concentrating fully on the catch.