Argos just cut him when he wouldn't renegotiate his contract

I have never been a fan of Foley's, mostly because he seems quite cocky, but he would have a chip on his shoulder after being cut by the Argos via text message today, so at the right price, I say bring him in to compete at camp.


"Foley has played for three different CFL teams – Lions, Argos and Riders – during 11 CFL seasons while winning a Grey Cup with each franchise. Eight of those years the York University product played in every single game possible for his team."

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He plays DE, On Adrian Tracy's side, but, he is a NAT and we would have Capicotti to back him up.

No way don't need him. tracy is younger and better and chick's coming off a 14 sack season with cappicotti as a canadian back up who cab be a starter if need be.

No. He's not very good.

8) He was also due a large bonus payment tomorrow (April 1). There is no such a thing as loyalty anymore by these
   owners, who couldn't care less about longtime players when a few bucks is involved !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

    Hey, why not have a look at Foley ??  Anytime you can sign a Canadian starter, regardless of his position, you have to
    be interested.  Especially a former all star.

    I'm sure Foley would love to come to Hamilton, after the way he was just treated by the Argos.

Wouldn't hurt Ham to take a look at Ricky. :cowboy:

At the right price & in a rotational role, why not?

Is there a more fun interview in the CFL? Saw his mom and sister at THF last season, seemed to be great folks. I think he is a character guy, worth a look, and, if willing and affordable, would be a fantastic rotational player on the D line. Maybe serve the same role as Adriano Belli back a few years ago? If the price is right, you can never have too may Cdn starters on board.

It's very hard to go wrong with talented Canadian Linemen of any kind. However, what needs would he address? John Chick is too good a player to consider replacing him as a starter (even as an international), so your option is to swap him for Adrian Tracy. I couldn't honestly tell you which one I'd prefer, but having more Canadian depth is a huge benefit, and having him and a backup already in the wings with Justin Capicciotti makes the depth chart a lot easier.

It comes down the price tag. He's got a pretty good proven track record, but conversely he's getting older (at 34).

Given that he took a pay cut in 2015 (for the 2016 season) to re-sign with the Argos, I suppose it may make sense why he was released. He knows he's only got so many good years left, and he probably took a cut in overall salary with bonus clauses attached. He probably wanted to restructure those bonus clauses and have more guaranteed wage, or better bonuses and the Argos said no. If that means he's going to take a cut because he'll have an axe to grind with Toronto and want to stay in the region, that could be a benefit. If he's more inclined to play the market, less so.

So, here is the story, if he comes down the road, expecting to get what he was making in Toronto, I don't think he'll be worth the cap hit. He is an upgrade, because he's a national, not necessarily because he's overwhelmingly better (and indeed may be worse, I couldn't tell you). Pretty much, if I can't get him for close of whatever Adrian Tracy is making, I don't think he is worth it. What I gain in a national spot, I could easily lose in team consistency and future development. D.Linemen generally plateau for their careers, meaning when the drop, it's usually a sudden drop off, and you don't know when that may happen with Foley.

Given money is why he left, I don't see him being cheap enough to be worth it to us.

I just knew this thread would pop up. Foley was washed up two years ago. I wouldn't want him on the 'Cats (and this has absolutely nothing to do with him being a former Argo) even if he agreed to play for free!!! To those that "want" Foley, maybe we can talk Adriano Belli to come out of retirement as well. :roll:

Agree 100% with ya mightypope . Foley was absolutely awful last year , was invisible most nights and his best days are far behind him . He's not starter material anymore and besides at his age there is really no upside to bringing in a guy like this whose best before date label has pretty much expired .

They might have just run out of time to renegotiate and cut him today since his bonus is due. He did pull his tweet. I would not be surprised if he stays with the Argos but at a much reduced price. His options are pretty limited unless Ottawa or you guys want him but clearly he isn't a "need".

I would think there is more of a need for a DT instead of another DE. I had an opportunity to meet Foley several times through a sports organization I belong to. My first impression was he is kind of full of himself, however after talking to him on several more occasions he is not a bad guy considering he is an Arblow. Interesting way to treat your players who are scheduled for a bonus. This appears to be a tactic Popp has used in the past and I think it shows a lack of intestinal fortitude. He may end up somewhere else but at a reduced salary. Who knows he may have and I quote" punt himself to the Allwets".

[i]Agreed. Also, if you sign Ricky Fooley, you will get his brother Don, best known as Area-51!

Yup, he would be one of yous! :lol: [/i]

Funny you should mention the MIA Area -51.....Here's an update for ya ! :smiley:

Put me down for a NO.