Do we have a nickname for Tre?

After waching Tre yesterday I have a suggestion for an appropriate nickname for him.



how about tre? his real name is actually lyle.


Yes, Tre is already his nickname.

Otherwise the only way to go is "T-Smit" obviously.


no thats Jesse, he was the one who tipped the ball up so it could get picked off.

Well right now, Tre has 6 fumbles on 60 carries.

Jesse was the second person to tip that ball last night. So I don't necessarily blame him for that.

  • paul

How about “Smitty”?

Love Smith, once he gets used to the full stripes around the ball, he won't fumble as much. :wink:
Seriously though, the Cats are going to have to look at him as our no. 1 back because I think Jesse's days are numbered in football, very unfortunately, due to injuries.

So true!

T-Smit !!!

tre is his Nick Name

Jesse's days are not numbered at all but tre is a great backup.