Do we have a free safety?

I can't see it. If Shivers is going to play up and support the run defense he better start making tackles because he is a poor tackler. If he is going to help in coverage, where is he? I'm starting to wish Sandy Beveridge was back and I hated him. BTW, it's not a penalty if the ball hits a DB in the back of the head. Bo Smith got burned on that call as he was not screening the receiver but was still called for interference because the ball hit him in the back. A poorly thrown pass should not result in a defensive penalty. Others were deserved (Carlos Thomas) but not that one.

Yes, we do have a free safety..................he is on the 9 game injured list! Even with a healthy Barker, I think we definitely need help at this position!

We have David Hyland who we just got. He is a free safety.

He's not free. . . I think he gets paid a salary. :smiley:

Seriously, why is the position called "free safety" nowadays? It used to just be "safety."

In the other league down south, with one fewer player on the field, there are two corners and two safeties in the secondary. One safety is the "free" safety and the other is the "strong" safety.

But in the CFL, we have only one safety; two corners and two halfbacks, but only one safety. . . so why isn't he still, as he always used to be, called "saftey". . . why do we now have to add "Free" before it ? It would only make sense if there was another, "Strong", safety out there, but there isn't in the CFL.

Yeah they have a package where Knowlton plays safety too, Chamblin is terrible. Shivers is better at HB. Francis has done well at safety; however, everytime he came out agianst Toronto Rideau scored deep. What does the staff see in Thomas?
He gets burned and makes critical mistakes with the game on the line.

Barker isn't good enough in man coverage to run Chamblin's defense. Even if he was healthy, he wouldn't be starting at safety this year.

BINGO. The man wins a cigar!

This has been one of my pet peeves for several years now. The position should be called safety, and if another descriptive word is necessary, middle safety (due to the fact that he is in the middle between 2 half backs). The "free safety", in the No Fun League, is generally the one lined up on the opposite side that the tight end lines up - hence he is "free" from the TE. The "strong safety" lines up on the same side as the TE - hence he better be "strong". Therefore the position "number 2" (eww gross) holds is neither free nor strong. It is best described as either safety or middle safety.

There, I feel much better after my rant. :slight_smile:

They picked up Hyland after BC released him so it did not cost the Cats any players or draft picks in signing him. Therefore, he's a FREE safety. I'm positive that's what the term means!!!

(in my best Groucho Marx impression) All we need now are FREE season's tickets. :lol:

Hey Mike:

If you can swing that deal, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know....I'm in!!!!