Do we have a Bonified #1 QB on our team.

I think NOT!...We have alot of #2 QB's at the moment "WHO MAY" become #1 QB's, but do you
want to start next season if this group hoping one will succeed???????????????????????????????

or scout the racks of the NFL and CFL for other gems.

I'M not convinced that we have our QB of the future. :cowboy:

do have #1 QB you have System Everyone Buys into including your QB
That is Problem no buys this system I see 5 wins next year and that do to luck.
QB of Future we need one now..

I think we are just fine at the Qb spot we need to improve in other areas like both lines and possibly linebacking and better defensive schemes......heck look at Sask. quarterbacking do they have a number ONE... yet they are in the playoffs

I agree.

Of course they're in the's easy to be in the playoffs if you're not from Ontario

The jury's still out for me. A couple of decent showings by Porter does not a #1 QB make. CP's done in Hamilton I think although I'd like to see him back. Williams is definitely done. Tafralis is a total unknown at this point. So the closest guy to being a #1 has played all of a couple of games.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes they will make the playoffs, but the first round only because of the quality of their QB. :thdn:

Can I hold you to this? You've predicted 5 wins 4 months before free agency and 7 months before training camp....

8) You make a good point there "stubbs" !!!!!!! :wink:

Well I disagree. I am confident in Porter and I think Tafralis (in the sames tyle as Porter) is definitely a keeper. I predict some tweaks in the lineup, a few major moves on the O-and D-lines and a new receiver or two and 8 wins for next year. A trip to the playoffs and, a win in the first round. That's as far as I will go out on a limb right now. lol... LOOK AT THE LEAFS. You gotta have hope...

I think Porter is our #1 QB.

People are complaining that Printers isn't getting a fair shake with the o line and receivers. This is garbage in my opinion. Porter and Tafralis have had to utilize the same o line and receivers as Printers.

When Tafralis came in on Saturday, the offense instantly started to move. It did sputter under Adam but like I have said in previous posts. I actually didn't want to see him this year. I thought a full training camp under his belt and then see what he can do. This is what we did with Porter.

My gut tells me that Porter is #1 and Tafralis is #2.

Printers is 1-15 as a starter. His 1 win cost us 1 million dollars. He is just not our QB of the future.

CP will go somewhere else and sit on the bench and relearn the Canadian game.

The move right now is to let CP go and we sign 2 good american rush ends and 2 good canadian o line men.

If we get burned, we get burned.

The move right now is to let CP go and we sign 2 good american rush ends and 2 good canadian o line men.

If we get burned, we get burned.
I disagree , cut CP salary to half and keep him as back up. later he will be good trade bait.
( to the argos or sask.)
Also trade williams , there are a lot of teams that would like him. :rockin:

A lot of teams interested in Williams?

Maybe, if he were to be released.

Otherwise, give your head a shake; no CFL GM is going to trade an asset to acquire a player who is the fourth string QB on the worst team in the league.

And someone change the title of this thread please…it’s “BONA FIDE”, not bonified.

I'd say Porter is our bona fide #1 QB. I think he has shown us a lot in the short time he has started. The best we have had since Danny Mac. And he will get better next season. He will be the one to beat at next year's training camp unless Ricky Ray or Buck Pierce shows up. The real question is .....who will be #2? That will be tough to answer until we see who Obie brings in during the off-season. Trafalis has a good shot at it I would think. As for Ritchie Williams, who knows where he stands any more. I hope they keep him even as a #3 if only because he was the only QB that provided any hope to this team when it was obvious earlier in the season that Casey was not doing the job.

Well that may potentially change everyone's responses and comments to this thread depending on the their interpretation of the word "bonified" as well as which meaning the thread originator (GOTC) intended.

Four definitions appear in the Urban Dictionary under the word "bonified":

  1. A word used by people who don't know the proper spelling of "bona fide"


  1. Slang, meaning definitely, truely, or for certain.


  1. stuck up, nasty, full of yourself


  1. a state of excitement...comes from the root word "boner"

or 5. A person who pulled a boner in spelling "BONA FIDE" That was me !

  Excuse my French!  But I think everyone got the meaning anyway.

 I dropped spelling in school about a hundred years ago.
 But i can still spell   ""  ARGO"S SUCK """  lots of practise.

I firmly believe that with a proper o-line, any one of our QB's could do well. Stick with the receivers we have (but lose Miles) and shore up the front line.

GOTC, If someone says your head has been ‘bonified’

does that make you a ‘bonehead?’ Nothing personal.