do we have a 3rd RB?

I know we have 3 FB's and Jesse and Terry, but who is our 3rd RB? if we don't have one maybe John Avery can fill that role, i still don't know why we have 3 FB's though.

A FB is a RB. HMMMMMMM. Could it be that we don't need an older guy and that if we audition someone its going to be a recent graduate? I for one want no part of Avery. IMO he's a liability


A FB is a bigger, slower running back. Kori Dickerson is no running back, i do not even think he is a full back, he is a natural tight end. Rads could run the ball, but he can't get many yards. He can grind out those 3rd and 3's, but he won't be able to get 7 yards on first down. Piercy, i don't even know why he is on the team. As for Avery, he is old, but he will be with a team next year, with a hefty pay cut. He is still a decent 2nd-3rd RB and has some years in him. We should trade Piercy.

Might Piercy fit a special teams role?

Sorry but you are mixing up terms 111.

There are 3 types of running back

what is the difference between a tailback and a halfback? they are the same thing.

A halfback set up beside the fullback or in a single back set behind the oline to one side or the other. A tailback lines up behind the fullback or alternately alone directly behind the QB. The fullback gets his name from the fact that he is lined up as a blocking back but he is still lined up to recieve handoffs thus still being a running back

Antoine Bagwell: Not sure what he can do.

but the tailback/ halfback are usually the exact same player just lining up at a different position on the field. so hence there is no difference.

From Wikipedia:

Note that the difference between halfback and tailback is simply the position of the player in the team's offensive formation. The halfback lines up approximately half-way between the line of scrimmage and the fullback (similarly, quarterbacks line up a quarter of the distance between the line of scrimmage and the fullback). Because the halfback is usually the team's main ball carrier (while the fullback is primarily a blocker), many coaches see fit to position the halfback behind the fullback (at the "tail end" of the formation). In this case, the halfback becomes a tailback.

Most Teams Now Just Use the word Running Back.
Half back and Tail Back are Slowly running out Favor With Football Coaches

You are correct, and there is nothing set in stone that the FB cannot line up as a TB or HB. In fact I expect to see Lumsden line up as all 3 during the course of the season. Dickerson played 2 different spot last year too FB SE SB and TE. When he was lined up as SE,TE or slot he was a reciever. In fact at times each of the guys normally playing one of the RB positions lined up as a reciever rather than a RB

I'm surprised Radelin was never shipped out after his so-so year last year, i've always liked him so hopefully he can bounce back and beat out Dickerson for some playing time this year, but touches will be hard to come by with Lumsden and Caulley

Radelin is a very good blocker for running plays and when your QB is vulnerable. this is probably what keeps him around.

As things stand on the roster right now Antoine Bagwell would be the #3 RB.

He was signed late last season..

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