Do we finish 3rd if Edmonton, Calgary and B.C. finish 11-7?

What happens if B.C., Edmonton and Calgary all finish 11-7? Would we finish in 3rd place and with NO HOME PLAYOFF GAME?

Let's say we lose our 3 remaining games, Calgary wins their 3 remaining games, and Edmonton beats us but loses to Calgary.

Then all 3 teams finish 11-7. Calgary wins their series against Edmonton (in September Calgary beat Edmonton in Edmonton and Edmonton beat Calgary in Calgary). We win our series against Calgary but lose our series against Edmonton. But.... Wait....

I think in a 3 way tie it doesn't work that way. It's how we played against the rest of the Division that determines our standing. Could someone clarify this? If us, Calgary and Edmonton all finish 11-7, do we finish 3rd and with NO HOME PLAYOFF GAME?

David Braley would go absolutely ballistic.

We hold the Tie breaker over Calgary. Worst we could do is finish second. Many things now need to happen for us to finish 1st. The easiest way is win the remaining games. However any combo of 2 ( Example:1 BC Win + 1 Edmonton loss or 2 Edmonton losses,) would also get us 1st.

The Lions need to win their remaining games to have the momentum going into the playoffs!

Yeah if that happened

Edmonton holds the tie breaker over BC 2-1
Calgary holds the tiebreaker over Edmonton 2-1
BC holds tie breaker over Calgary 2-0

Why would BC automatically not get 3rd is the question we are asking? Is it because BC has 3 wins, Edmonton has 3 wins, Calgary has 2 wins? If that is the case it isn't really fair because Calgary only played you guys twice.

Only going by the newspaper and Sports talk shows, and they were quoting from the CFL Sources…

Check the tie braking procedure that is posted in the ESKS part of the forum.

It will come down to points for and agianst between just the 3 teams. They really do not take into account that teams only play each twice while others play three times. Example being if Edmonton, Sask, and Calgary are all tied. Edmonton only played Sask 2 and Sask only played Calgary 2, so a big win by either Calgary or Edmonton in the extra game could skew the results.

I checked the rules. We finish no lower than Second place, for sure. First they look at total wins, then total wins vs. the other 2 teams you're tied with:

EDM 3-3 (2-1 vs. BC, 1-2 vs. Calgary)
BC 3-2 (1-2 vs. Edmonton, 2-0 vs. Calgary)
CALGARY 2-3 (0-2 vs. BC, 2-1 vs. Edmonton)

There WILL be a PLAYOFF GAME at beautiful BC Place.

Just heard that playoff tickets are on sale tomorrow because the Lions are guaranteed a home playoff game whether it is the West semi or West Final.

Got my playoff tix last week.


Beautiful B.C. Place.. What a joke!. I was there when Calgary played in the Grey cup. I was most disappointed. Little or no concessions, (Food & merchandise) the field looked very rough and worn (Would it have killed you to re-paint the lines?) the seats were very small. I thought BC place was suppose to be nice, looks like it needs a reno. As far a Vancouver hosting a Grey cup. I found it to be very unorganized, sloppy in parts. BUT the Stampeders party was great! Even that was outdoors and it was raining. I hope you guys can get it right this time.
Good luck with your celebrations, and if Calgary cant make it, make sure you guys do!
PS Calgary’s stadium, although it has heart could use some serious upgrades also!

Stamps78...Things have changed. The new field turf is much, much better. Concessions are still bad. Warm beer, Cold hot dogs, long line ups. I don't bother with them though. Too many good rersteraunts around BC Place to go to.

Vancouver is having a GreyCup Parade. As for the rest of the details, I guess we'll just have to read them as they come out.