Do we blitz Calvillo and risk injuring him in a sack attack?

Hmmmmm, with Montreal playing Winnipeg twice in the next few weeks, I'm wondering if the Ticat coaches have cautioned against laying any big licks on Calvillo tomorrow, especially from behind ?

It's sort of a quandry for those Ticats who want to pin their ears back and hunt Calvillo down for some big time sacks.

I say forget about going after him (he'll kill you on the screen/dump pass anyways) and play excellent coverage on the3 receivers instead.........and keep AC healthy and sharp for Winnipeg to enjoy. :lol: :wink:

The last thing a desperate team needs to think about is letting up on an opposing player. Win the game first. Worry about Winnipeg later

I agree with this and I'm an Als fan! :lol:

You guys need the 'W' by any means necessary and can't afford to let up. Obviously, don't go head-hunting or anything like that, but if your D-linemen have a chance to rough Calvillo up, they'd be silly to back off.

Play the game hard all the time as a rule. Sometimes a QB gets broken. As long as the intent is clean, I don't have a problem with guys flying around and hitting people ever. Hamilton's defensive heritage was built on tough, hard-nosed football. What we require is focus and intensity from the opening bell!

Oski Wee Wee,


Win the game period. To win, I think we need to take away his time, but do whatever you need to do to win.

Aas long as we WIN… we hold the cards… simple as that… no nee to worry about what WPG does… take care of your own backyard!!

Of course, within the rules of the CFL, Canadian and common law.

Or within the rules of Thunderdome.

What you thinking? Whenever you have an opportunity to hammer the oppositions quarter back with a clean hit - go crazy. Light him up !!!!!!!!!

Never let up .....Is AC even going to play ? Even if he does play you cant think of injuries you just play ...PLay HaRd and Play to the whistle ......GO CAT'S GO

I hope he does play so there will be no excuses ......

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous notions I've read on this board.

The Ti-Cats are in a slump and battling for a playoff spot.

They're focused on their own execution and nothing else.

To worry about a future game involving two other teams will have absolutley no bearing on how they play tommorrow. Nor should it.


I think if we can sack him early and if it is a hard CLEAN hit then maybe Mark Trestman will take him out of the game so he doesn't get hurt.
Then our chances of winning go up.

they need to blitz all day long to get pressure, because the front 4 has been anemic against the als this season

Not only that, but if we get into the playoffs, it would be helpful to…GET TO THE GREY CUP. LMAO

The Als minus Calvillo in a pressure situation is a different opponent. The chances they could be beaten in the playoffs would spike drastically.

Greg Marshall going “please guys, don’t hurt THEIR quarterback”???

Oski Wee Wee,


Since when does blitzing Toni ever work? You blitz dumb qb's not smart ones.

I've heard coaches say it all the time if they fear your back up more than the starter, all year I bet coaches have been telling their defences to not rough Porter up too much.

Not in this case. ROTFLMFAO :wink:

That's what I meant. I hear you in other contexts. This one? McPherson is certainly not Ted White, but he's not AC. LOL


True, McPherson's not AC----yet. McPherson looks like the real deal to me. More potential than either Cody Pickett or Quinton Porter.

An Argo-Cat fan

Absolutely agree, Barney! There IS a definite track for a succession to AC with this kid. Has all the tools to excel in this league.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed, but McPherson is in no way, shape, or form ready to be a starter right now. He's doing little except QB sneaks and goal-line short TD tosses all season long. He hasn't played even half a quarter of football, hasn't shown he can move the chains with his arm, and we still don't know how effectively he can read defenses in game situations. I love Adrian's potential, and I do believe he can be the man once Calvillo retires, but in the here and now, we're doomed if Calvillo gets injured. McPherson is simply not ready.