I DO :smiley:

no, they wont get past edmonton or calgary, who will be playing in the western final.

Every year at this time , every team has a chance. It'll be a challenge for the lions to make the playoffs now that sask has Ottawa "Rough Riders" but once the playoffs come, anything can happen. 1st place will be a stretch.Whoever screws up the least will get it.

Oops :oops:
We will know by Fri. Aug. 18. Edm @ B.C.
Well have played Sask 3x and Edm 3x
The back2back games vs Cal. in Oct. may decide somthing. The rest of the games are gravy.

And I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove gravy! :smiley:

I think there chances are good to win the grey cup if they update their O-line and DD doesn't go down. The "GRAY" cup I'm not so sure about

That would be the MIKE GRAY cup :wink: . I think Winnipeg won that one in ' that right?

Its a new season, and anyone could win it all. For BC to have a chance they must play as a team and quit the whining in the dressing room. Protect the QB and bring back the sack attack. I believe that Edmonton will be in first, Calgary 2nd, Saskatchewan 3rd, BC 4th. (Injuries could change all that though). Montreal should win the east with Hamilton and T.O fighting it out for second. Again injuries can change so much. We will be there to enjoy the home games and chear on the Lions!! May they have a injury free season. (well few anyway).

Montreal may have someting to say about that. :idea:

If BC can unearth some offensive Tackles on both ends of the line to protect DD, then I think they have a realistic chance. I think the Pass Defence will be a bit stronger, which will be important going against the other western teams. I wonder how the other defences are going to improve…

for some reason, my post on here has disapeared, have to tell management about that.

but like I said before, sorry Leo fans, I can't see you guys winning the GC in winnipeg this year.

hey atrain19.... no I don't think the lions will win the Gray Cup... but I sure think they have a good shot at the Grey Cup!!!

Injuries and depth will be key factors in the West. Sask has upgraded, and Calgary and Edmonton will be tough games.

If those two NFL cuts that Wally picked up from the NFL can protect Dave Dickenson, then we should be able to go deep into the playoffs.

I really like our defense with the addition of Banks. I like the idea that We have two kickers to compete.

Whoever is the healthiest going into the playoffs should win the West!

Montreal may have someting to say about that. :idea:
BC will at worst split with Montreal. The only way they will decide the Lions fate is if they tank their games vs Edm. and Cal. Which is possible cuz Ol'Donnie Mathews is getting his QB situation a little like the lions last year.I hope it doesnt bakfire on him. ... OH WAIT, I do want it to back fire !!!! GO LIONS GO :lol:

You are overlooking the Riders? If the Lions themselves do that, then they are asking for ttrouble. A sure way to lose is to understimate your opponent, no matter who you are playing, so I would say dont count on any automatic 2 points from any team in this league, with the exception of Winnipeg

You spelled GREY wrong.

you mean saskatchewan right? or hamilton? those are the only 2 teams that are a guarenteed 2 points against. basement dwellers for life

I think thy’ll win it all

I don't know what this GRAY Cup is awarded for but I hope the Lions win the GREY Cup

Amen Sambo 42, my green blooded brother. :rockin: