Do they play the US national anthem at cfl games??

considering that about half the players are from america, i wouldnt be suprised.

You know I don’t think they do. They did when there were U.S. teams in the CFL, but I’m pretty sure they don’t anymore. I don’t remember hearing any last season. There is an American flag hanging down the side of most stadiums along with the Canadian one tho.

Sooner are you serious?

lol I took him seriously....

Regardless or not, no it is not played. By logic, is the Canadian anthem played in the US when two American teams play. No it isn't and the vast majority of the players are still Canadian.
Which brings up another possible topic, I am in favour of no anthems played period during any sporting event.

No, just the Canadian anthem because the teams are from Canada. In the NHL when only two American teams are playing do they play the Canadian national anthem? I don't think they do even though around half the players are Canadian.

They play the Canadian anthem when two American NHL teams play in Buffalo. Guess that's a special case.

And I definitely believe in the tradition of playing the national anthem befoer sporting events. It shows great respect to our fourfathers and veterans who made this country and allowed us to have the freedom to watch a game in peace.

Granted what you say is correct roughy, but still in this day and age of over priced athlethes there is no meaning to it.
I'd say get rid of it and maybe keep it during international matches or Olympics only. Not pro sports.

I always thought the anthem was played for us the fans at pro sports not the athletes...that's why we sing along isn't it?

To a lot of the fans in the stands, including me, the national anthem has a lot of meaning. It reminds me of the freedom, the freedom a lot of people in this world don't have, that I feel lucky to have, lucky that the veterans were brave enough to fight in two world wars so people like you and me can go to a football game and not have to worry.

I've gotta say the national anthem really isn't the same thing in Montreal it is elsewhere. When I attend games at McMahon and Commonwealth stadiums last year, I thought the national anthem was like being in a warpzone heading straight for the heart of the country. In Montreal, the fat lady sings while we wait for the game to begins. Truly not the same experience. Tens of thousands of people signing a song really changes it all.

true, but i think you meant forefathers, unless your mom slept around and isnt sure which one is really the dad..

The playing of the national anthem prior to public events (they used to play it in movie theatres too) originated during WWII to show patriotism and support for the war effort. I think that it is played so much now that it has lost its effect. Many people are talking, eating, drinking, etc during it. Men don't remover their hats ... its become an entertainment item rather than anything patriotic. And some of those singers who do their own rendition of it .. well it demeans the whole idea. I'd be in favour of national anthems not being sung as a regular practise.

There is nothing better then standing up for the anthem and then listening to the overly slow singer on the field, and also listening to the university section at the regular pace finish about 5 seconds before the real singer. Its pretty funny. I honestly think that was a big factor in moving them to the endzone this year.

Couldn't be any worse than that singer in Las Vegas that sang O' Canada to the tune of O' Christmas Tree :shock: :shock:

Yeah, I think it shows respect, and who we really are.

Part of me likes it, the other part doesn't. The tradition part of me likes it I think. But really, maybe they should get rid of it at all sporting events, they don't do it at concerts or outdoor festivals and fairs. Why sporting events? But, like I say, I am with our troops abroad and believe in fighting for freedom, whatever it takes, and a national anthem reminds me that freedom doesn't just fall on your lap all the time, sometimes you have to fight for it, like what sporting matches are, a fight for a victory, so it does make sense for me for a sporting event, especially football which is more warlike with hitting on every play compared with most other sporting events.

why the hell would we, if you guys don't even do that for us.

well duh, because were america. the question is WHY WOULDNT ya. like, totally dude.

I really hope you're kidding, sooner.