Do these look ti cats Jersey to you ?

Do these look like the Hamilton Tigercats or Cincinnati Bengals?
If check my Page I have photos and video of new Jerseys for Retro Game
is me our do they look like Bengals from Cincy ?

There not bad looking I just the Colours are way too off.

Those Jerseys will only be worn for 1 game they are retro Jerseys

Still we like the Cincy Bengals

I do agree with you there !

In the other thread "who's going to streetfest in the rain" it's stated that they went with the exact colours from a game used jersey from the 60's so I have no problem with the jerseys as long as they are true to the retros worn at the time, and since the Cincy Bengals didn't come into existance until 1968 and these jerseys are supposed to be from the early to mid-60's than actually the Cincinnati Bengals took our colours, and their jerseys look like Hamilton Tiger Cats jerseys.

I'm not sure what the issue is with the retro jerseys. I saw them and the colour seems right on as far as what I remember when I was younger. In fact, the colour of your website banner seems to be the same thing (or pretty darn close) as what's on the retro jerseys there "Onknight". They'll probably look pretty sharp when accompanied by the entire uniform and helmets. The way they were displayed yesterday with players wearing various civies, with the jersey pulled on, isn't going to showcase them the best way anyways. They'll look just fine during the retro game when accompanied by the whole uniform.

Even as late as 1972, the uniforms were a real deep shade of Gold as shown here:

if only Reebok would take the design of these retros, and make them more modern for the ticats regular home jersey.

white numbers. the yellow colour of todays tiger-cats. and the yellow line that goes around the shoulders and across the chest.

now THAT would be a nice lookin home jersey!

it actually looks better without the yellow line across the chest.

heres a pic of how i'd like to see these retros altered to become the permanent home jerseys:

[url=] ... ticats.jpg[/url]

i thought it was 2 games? 1 home and 1 away.

I agree with Onknight....the "yellow" is more a shade of orange, so whether it's Cincy or the BC lions, it's a toss-up!!!

See for yourselves:
<< gold used during the 1950-1961 period is MUCH darker than today
<< early 60s -- again, it's darker
<< contrast the dark gold of the helmet of Tommy Joe Coffey to that of his jersey number (circa late 1960s)

The gold used by the team has fluctuated throughout its history, including the near-bankruptcy era of the early 2000s when the club was using castoff pants from NCAA sources. Today's use is far yellower than in the "gold helmet" eras. That's the evolution.

The issue for me is not the gold used in the retro uni, the design is not consistent with ANY design used in the sixties, particularly how the shoulder fields have no numbering and that the striping on the sleeves is less. Therefore, it's a different animal. The historical accuracy is off.

Is it a nice jersey? I think so, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought they looked great, better than our current jerseys.

Same thing with BC, their retros look way better than the silly things they wear now

I like these jersey's alot. I would love them to go back to the gold numbers instead of the white ones. And the yellow piping around the current jerseys makes it look like the players are wearing bibs. So far I think Reebok has made NHL jerseys and CFL jerseys take a step backwards.

nice find, especially the pic of Tommy Joe (my all-time favourite).
Link #2 didn't work but you proved what I was thinking, the colour used today IS a much brighter yellow than I remember.

i cant disagree more.
the argos, retro-riders, bombers, lions, stamps and eskies have never looked better.
the ticats need some tweeking, ill be the first to say. but that doesnt mean reebok did a bad job with the others.

Good fashion is always in the eye of the beholder. I remember when I thought that tie-dyed shirts and pants were good looking.

Oski-oui-oui, you are correct that the older colours were a deeper hue of Gold, almost an orange colour, which would be the proper colour anyways given the name of the team.

I believe the team colours should reflect the exact colour of the average, garden variety Bengal Tiger

see here:

Which brings me to the old joke:

A man is standing at the corner of King and James just repeatedly clapping his hands loudly every few seconds.

Someone stops and asks why he's doing that.

He answers by saying he's keeping all the Lions and Tigers away.

The person says, well sir, there aren't any Lions or Tigers in these parts.

The man replies by saying,..... see !! works!! :slight_smile:

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. But I do agree with you on the Sask, Winnepeg, toronto, and Edmonton jerseys. They look good to me. Calgary, BC, and Hamilton, have that silly piping that I find annoying. Other than that I like BCs, but Calgary's are not that appealing to me, particularly the fonts of the numbers make it hard to read at times. (Maybe I'm just old and don't like change :slight_smile:

i like BC's alot. very simple. just orange with white block numbers and small amount of black piping.
calgarys, i like it ONLY when they wear red jerseys with white pants, or white jerseys with red pants....when they wear black pants, i notice the bib-look alot more, that u were refering to.

hamilton's are the worst of the worst. they simply look like the killer-bees out there. i like thier white jerseys, but, if reebok would make the following changes to the retros, i think they could easily have the nicest jerseys in the league.

[url=] ... ticats.jpg[/url]

All I know is that when the players were approaching the Streetfest yesterday, I remarked that the colours looked more like B.C. Lion colours, and everybody around me agreed. I'm not saying the uniforms looked bad, they just didn't look like our team colours, or at least what we've been used to. They didn't look anything like the retro Tiger Cat jerseys depicted at