Do the 'Running Cats' become 'Passing Cats' Without Jesse?

On the main board ESKS123 had compiled the following stats after week 3. These are the percentages for running and passing plays for each team.

--------------- Pass %--Rush % Winnipeg--------78%-----22% Toronto----------73%-----27% Montreal---------67%-----33% Edmonton--------65%-----35% BC-----------------62%-----38% Calgary-----------60%-----40% Saskatchewan---58%-----42% Hamilton----------48%-----52%
Note that we're the ONLY team with more runs than passes. Anyone want to hazard what our play calling will be this week? Do we stick with the run without Jesse because that's our 'style' or do we adjust big time?

Caulley and Smith are excellent and can do the job quite nicely. I see no need to make any major adjustments apart from what the coaches think can work agains't a Calgary defense. And, of course, keeping in mind the strengths of these guys ie. maybe they are better than Jesse at screens and that?

We don`t need to go to a strictly passing game now. We have such great depth at the Rb position.

Caulley could be a starter on some other teams, and Smith is looking great. So, I`m pretty sure Printers will be mixing the offense with both pass and run.

Time for the other Cat players to come out kick ass mad and catch the Stamps by surprise. :x

Probably see a bit more of Piercy and Williams in short yardage and extra pass block situations. Smith and Caulley will be able to pick up the slack with Jesse out.

I like a balanced attack. We have the talents. Use them

I remember caulley doing some pretty amazing thing on offense last year! He has great hands and runs the rock a lot like jesse! He has great speed and puts his head and shoulders down just like jesse as well! look out for 100+ yards from either caulley or smith!

A running game is a good counter to a blitzing Defence that Calgary employs with success.
Remember the first quarter against Montreal last week,they hammered Calvillo a couple of times with the extra defender blitzing.........

Yes, Reason

That would be sweet!! that one game he rushed for over 100 yards. He looked like an outstanding running back. Thats why Im not so worried about our running game. Its the defense, Im worried about.

One good thing about Cauley going in on a short week is he hasnt had any pounding on his body yet so he should be the freshest player on the roster this week !!! He`s very good so I think out running game will still be very strong .

O lineman would rather run block anytime rather than pass block so im sure theyll show great enthusiasm when we run the ball early . Their sore so taking the pounding to the other team rather than lettting them come to them will make them happy .

Yet, we can't come out of Game Four without a receiving touchdown.

Caulley is capable, rested, hopefully hungry, but does he have the "Big Play" ability Jesse is renown for?

I'm more concerned about our lack of a pass rush.

....and the only team without a win has rushed the least amount of time.

No ..... an effective run play - sets up the
pass - keeps the D honest.........

Clearly Smith has shown thus far that he is a potential gamebreaker both as a kick returner as well as a backup RB. I really like Caulley as well. There's no reason we can't get good production from both rotating re the running game.

Incorporating more screens and swing passes from our backfield will help broaden the attack. Casey needs to stretch the field vertically, so the use of passes underneath the Calgary zones should allow him to go deep if the LBs start to cheat up to counter the short stuff to the RBs and receivers. We need more play action that goes for the throat.

Oski Wee Wee,