do the riders repeat next year

yes or no....i say yes they will

go riders!!!!!!!

I would like to think that they will but there are very good teams in this league and it will be another crap shoot. If Dominguez (If we sign him) and Washington stay healthy we could have another very good year. I would say that right now the Riders should make it to the Western final again.




I think we should be good Offensively again next year, with Flick and Fantuz back for sure and they were the receivers that carried this team to the Grey Cup. I hope we bring Matt Dominguez back, when he’s healthy there’s nobody else I’d rather see go up and make those tough catches.

I think the defense will be the big question mark again. We could have our struggles if we lose Eddie Davis and Richie Hall. Reggie Hunt played fantastic in the playoffs but he for the most part had a mediocre regular season by his standards. If we lose all 3 we could see a big setback for the defense.

I think another home playoff game should be within reach and once you’re in we’ve got as good a shot as anyone.

I don't know. There hasn't been a repeat since '96/'97. It's pretty tough to repeat in the CFL.

But I think the Riders could stand a chance. I'm thinking Edmonton and Calgary will be in the basement again unless they can finally get something together. And considering B.C.'s QB issue right now, the Riders could sneak ahead of them.

It'll be an interesting season for sure.

So what I got out of that was:

RIDERS IN 08, 09, and 10!

Repeating will be very tough- the other teams will be gunning for the Riders. They will save their best for them, any championship team is used as a benchmark to see where your team is at, but having said all that, they do have a good chance of repeating as champs.

So what I got out of that was:

RIDERS IN 08, 09, and 10!

Well, some people will only hear what they want... :stuck_out_tongue:

They not only have the players but also the front office and coaches. Ritchie Hall might leave, that would be the biggest problem for them, I think.

So what I got out of that was:

RIDERS IN 08, 09, and 10!

All i got out of this entire thread was riders in 08,09,10,11 :lol:

GO RIDERS! :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

The Riders repeating has alot to do with:

  1. which, if any, coaches return
  2. Which players are lost to FA, trades or retirement
  3. Which new guys replace the lost players.

I'll have a better feeling once training camp ends.

To make a long story NO!

Dynasty! Dynasty!

I say Nope! would be nice but not likely

Guess what I got out of that...

I do not think they will.

Being a championship team, the 'riders will be the standard by which other teams will measure themselves in 2008. All other teams will be playing their best whenever they face the 'riders next year and will want to prove to themselves, the rest of the league and more importantly, their fans, that they have what it takes to beat a champion and to be one themselves. There will be no easy games for the 'riders next year.

But... if Kerry Joseph can get his pass completion percentage up to where the other QB's are in this league (over 60%) and if Luca Congi can get his field goal average up till nearly 80%... I will feel better.

The two areas I am most worried about are both sides of the line. Our O'line is aging and I do not think they were consistent enough last year and our D'line is no longer feared like it used to be. If those two areas improve their play next year, our chances may improve.

I am not too worried about losing free agents... That is one great big nation we have next door to us down south and it is a vast pool of talent. Younger athletes are getting bigger, faster and stronger. Our young talent last year played for the most part very well and it was the veterans who let us down when we were let down.

Good points, Oxbow.
The first thing the Riders will discover in the new season is just how hard it is to repeat.
I don't think it is so much about other teams getting up to play them each week, though that is perhaps part of it, as it is just difficult to maintain the hunger and fire and focus that you need week in and week out.
But if we can improve in some key areas, o-line being one of them, then we will remain in contention next year.
And can KJ have another standout year and carry the team on his back as he did this year?
And the receiving corp needs to be better. And the d-line.
Lots of room for improvement actually, in most areas.
And if we do improve in at least a couple of those areas, then dynasty, [size=99px]!!

You make a good point Airus about the "hunger and fire and focus" needed to repeat. Very few teams can maintain that same intensity game in and game out into the next season.

One way around that is to bring new blood into the team with rookies and free agent signings of some veterans who are sick and tired of being with a loosing team. One of the reasons last year was a success is there were a whole lot of former Ti-Cats here who were really happy for the chance to play for a contender for a change.