Do the Riders Need a New GM??

I do believe we need a house cleaning and we should start at the top. The Riders are 9-9......last year 9-9.......'03 we were 11-7......'02 8-10....'01 6-12. We are a mediocre team. Not good not bad.....just mediocre. We were 9-9 last year and we lost our starting QB and Shrivers did nothing to improve the team. We lost Dominguez (sic) early on.........we knew he wasn't coming back till the end of the season but Shrivers made no effort to find a replacement. We have Rocky Butler as a third string QB. He has not moved up the order in QB's in 4 yrs, still third and apparently having alot of trouble even holding for our placekicker.........if he isn't getting better why hasn't he been replaced. We have had how many players charged criminally the last few years.....what 4 or 6 with maybe KK joining this special group. I don't like his attitude or personality. He apparently told the board last spring that anything less then 12-6 was unexceptble...........well I agree. I do believe he has signed his own walking papers.

I do beleive, we should wait till the season is over, untill we start asking for heads to role.

We need a new offensive coordinator. Shivers has done a great job with this team. We forget all to quickly about the two win seasons we had before he came here. We have been one play away the past two seasons from going to the big game. I totally agree with what Billy said.

madmaxxx do you forget where we were before roy came to sask?
roy also brought the awsome players in to sask.its easy to see the bad things this season but if the riders stayed healthy all season im sure u would be praising roy for all the good things he has done.and if we were
healthy all season we probly would be12-6.if you look at the scores in all of our loses and add 1 touchdown we would be the best team in the west.
i say give it one more season and see what happens.lets see what freeagents roy and danny bring in this offseason.pre game is starting
as a write this.good luck riders

My only hope is that there will be changes after a season like this. The ball control offense definately did not get it done this year. As for do they need a new GM? i dont think so. definately a new OC. we need a coaching staff who can see what is happening out on the field and can make adjustments before half time!! We also need players who can make the clutch plays when required. The riders organization needs to put together a team that can give us a winning season. Hopefully we will hear something about changes within the next few days.

The Riders did not play like they wanted it. They looked like they were tired. I am not going to speculate on what caused this because only the Riders know. My only hope is that they can field a better team with a better coaching staff for next season.

I'm sorry but this is a GM who had a 9-9 team and decided to stay pat with his major changes................its time to go........he said it hisself anything less then 12-6 in unacceptble........time to go.......fresh blood..............hell I would let everybody go.............Hall......Marcel..........Barret...........and maybe the waterboy............everybody goes

Careful, max.....ridersalltheway's gonna come at you for that one.....

They need to get ride of Marcel.....
I believe his contract is up now and I don't think he is renewing...
Paopao should be free and so should Ron Lancaster or maybe someone new
Next they need a QB
Printers is a Free Agent and I think Kerry Joseph may be as well. If they aren't they should trade keith for a good QB because Holmes IS good enough of a running back. We also have dorsey who is fairly decent.
Next...Hire some recievers

Keep Shivers and Barrett because years ago, we all complained that the riders were crappy and didn't make the playoffs. Now they make the playoffs consistantly. Thank you Roy.

Plus only 3 wins separated us from first place and we could have very easily taken it. Early season injuries caused some losses. Alot of those could have went either way. Go Riders

The problem with the riders is they pretty much pay what every other team in the does, its they just don't have the finicial luxary to be bringing players in and out of the line-up like Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton do. Look at the way Montreal envolves during a season.

They have the team and the practice squad for the season.

I don't know if there is anything Roy or Danny can do about that.

We need a new qb, who can through the ball with some accuracy, and an offensive coordinator who is somewhat creative with his playcalling, we keep the rest of the coaching staff. Get rid of greene and find a reciever to make the recieving core complete. Then we have a for sure grey cup contending team.

Marcel like always has to go, i like what danny and shivers have done. I stand by our personnel except for marcel! We should trade kk and mitchell as a package deal for a fast wide receiver.

bravo,bravo couldnt say it better myself.i dont think i have anthing to add.

Theres only ONE problem with house cleaning..I read an article today stating that if the Riders cleaned out there coaching staff & GM it would cost them over $700,000..sorry but that aint gonna happen..Shivers is signed till 2007 and Barretts entering his option for Bellefool anything over 50 bucks is to much, so an easy dump for him.

Barretts and Shrivers contracts are finished in 2006 with the team holding an opiotion on 2007.......................I fear we will fire Marcel as a scape goat.................and just go one more year to finish off their for changes...............not Shrivers strong suit

Didn't Barrett say where his coaching staff goes, he goes? And Shiv would likely go if Barrett went..... If that's the case, can Marcel, and let the dominos fall.....

You need a new QB, better receivers, and a new offensive coordinator. I'd keep Barret.