Do the riders have the best fans in the CFL?

Do the Riders have the best fans in the CFL or in Sports?

A recent story on the Rider Fans from Vice seems to think so, ... -in-sports

After reading the story I would say Yes, considering the passion they have for their team is unlike anywhere in Sports unless you are a Leafs fan, who sell out just about every game from one of the original six NHL teams that hasn't won the cup since the late sixties?

Tiger-Cat fans have a great passion for their team as well and long history of support but it's not the same level of participation and considering the population sizes of both cities and the fact that the Cats and the Argo's can draw fans and crowds from the GTA with a population well over 3 million people.

In Saskatchewan the Rider Fans come from all over the province on a regular basis to attend games. I as a Cat fan myself will drive from my home at 3 hours away to watch the Cats play, unlike the fans in the Hamilton area who live right there yet chose to attend or not and really is 24,000 seats at THF enough considering the size of the markets, maybe the Cat brass should add another 6000 seats bring it to 30,000 where it was at the old Ivor Wynne and sell out every game like they do in Regina?

"BIGCAT"...........maybe the Cat brass should add another 6000 seats bring it to 30,000 where it was at the old Ivor Wynne and sell out every game like they do in Regina?
Why bring in 6,000 seats stick them in the end zone and then have them sitting empty? There are still tickets available for the home opener against the Argos and if you go to ticketmaster you can see tickets available for all the remaining games, it's not like all tickets were sold out before the season started. The few times that IWS was sold out was usually for the Labour Day games. The Ticat brass can make a lot more money from filling the 24k at THF than they could if they had filled IWS for every game. Individual tickets went on sale the 1st of June and they still haven't sold out the home opener or the Labour Day classic and that's with 24k.

I have to agree with Slim. I was one of the people who was very disappointed in the 24k capacity when plans were released.

However now, it is clear that 24k is the right size. Coming off back to back years making the Grey Cup game, and they still can't sell all the season seats, and they are still heavily discounting tickets. I got 75% off gold tickets yesterday for a game in August. Looking at the reps screen, it showed tons of available tickets, not what they show on ticketmaster. 24k is the right size for at least a decade, maybe for ever. The CFL does not attract enough fans in Hamilton, so there may never be a demand for more.

I read the story as well. That level of loyalty can only be compared to that of the Maple Leafs. In the grand scheme of things, teams can only succeed if they put a decent product on the field that people want to see. I think Toronto is a special case where most of their higher priced tickets are all corporately owned and given away as perks.

I think part of the dedication comes from the fact that Saskatchewan doesn't have anything else. There are no other professional level sports teams in the province, or within a reasonable distance to see. Every other CFL city has alternative options.

Vancouver has the Canucks, Calgary has the Flames and Edmonton the Oilers. Winnipeg Jets, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators. Hamilton and Toronto being so close have Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, even the Buffalo Sabres are a short drive away. Some of those cities have other major sports like Soccer or Lacrosse.

Take away all other options and you will flock to the one thing that you do have, regardless of their status in the league. I do admire their dedication. Especially while wearing a watermelon as a helmet.

In the CFL maybe, but in ALL of sports, the Chicago Cubs are the best, they haven't won a championship since 1908, that's 107 years and they still sell out most games. The Leafs haven't won in 48 years, imagine going another 59 years and still selling out, think about it, the Cubs are the best fans or at least most loyal ones.

AND they also do that in a city that has 2 MLB teams.