Do the Renegades need McGarity?

As a Bomber fan I couldn't have been more pleased to hear that Wayne McGarity was released but what sort of shocked me was that he recieved intrest from the Renegades almost immediately. Looking over your recievers I think you're doing pretty good there so do you think McGarity should come to the Gades?

i think the 'GADES should pick him up…maybe he just wasnt fittin in this year…if he doesnt ‘FIT’ with the gades, they could cut him there too!

maybe he can bring them from over-achievers…to a legit playoff team???

the more good recivers the better. murphy will reatire next year and mcgarity will be a goor replacemet

McGarity as a good replacement? You must have been watching his high light reel from this year.......oh wait there isn't your money Gades.

hes just having a off season. he did do good with calgary.

Wrong he did not do well in Calgary other then his first year then he quit! He is a lazy bum.

We dont need him at all
Murphey will be back he is only 33 or 34 and if we show we can win he will come back. Besides we have great receivers otherwise and lets wait to see if anything comes on the market after the season or after NFL cuts. Mcgarity hasnt caught a ball in two years.

Could you see him back in Dallas with Bill Parcels? hehehe

The Renegades need McGarity? Why, exactly? So team morale can plummet when McGarity drops a catchable pass at a critical time? So Kerry Joseph can lose confidence in his receivers? So Greg Marshall's defense can be on the field twice as long because offensive drives stall?

Christ, you have a star receiver in Pat Woodcock whom you're barely even using. Before you start sniffing around for another receiver, Paopao, how about using the ones you already have? Cutolo is also being underutilised.

Actcually he does have a highlight reel, but all of the plays end up with him dropping the ball, fumbling the ball, or tipping the ball right into the hands or the defence. he sucks. he finished. if ottawa signs him they will ruin their playoff chances.

pat woodcock sucks. he couldn't catch a ball if you got rid of the other team and covered his hands in doublesided tape

Don't know why you say woodcock sucks, he's a great reciever with great hands and amazing speed. Agreed that Cutolo is being underused, but he's also injured, he missed last game and suffered the injury against Hamilton.

the renagades don't need woodcock, he's a waste of their payroll. they only really use joseph, ranek and murphy. and that works really good. get rid of wood cock or like i said cover his hands with double sided tape so he can catch the ball

And Bomber fans can brag about their choices for receivers LMAO